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Chemistry Ca2Al3 (SiO4)3(OH)
 Hardness 6.5-7.0
Color Blue, Brown, Colorless, Grey, Green, Pink (Thulite), Purple (Tanzanite), White, Yellow
Prevalence Rarity Dependent upon Variation, Predominantly Common
Distribution Africa, India, Tanzania
Chakra Crown, Heart
Zodiac Aquarius, Aries


Named for Baron S. Zois van Endelstein after he established its capacity to transmute negative energies into positive ones, zoisite was discovered in Carinthia, Karnten, Austria in the late 1700s. While there was no initial recognition for healing applications, it has been said that, when found in combination with ruby in the form of anyolite (also referred to as ruby zoisite), it inherently inspired growth and abundance in all aspects of life. Sphere



Anemia Constipation Menopause
Blood Pressure Fever Pineal Gland
Body Heart Reproductive Organs
Bones Intestines Skin
Brain Kidneys Ulcers


Balances Emotions Happiness Releases Fear
Courage Inspiration Self-Confidence
Dispels Negativity Joy Self-Esteem
Disperses Nightmares Passion Trust


Abundance Harmony Manifestation
Psychic Protection  Spiritual Awakening


Believed to enhance psychic abilities and amplify spirituality ruby zoisite has been worn to encourage the preservation of individuality while still engaging in the surrounding environment, increase composure during difficult situations and prevent mood swing. Used to prevent external influences from becoming obstacles to one’s spiritual path by promoting the realization of ideas and desires, it “transforms destructive attitudes to pave the way for constructive urges,” centers the mind, promotes clarity, and encourages objectivity.

Emotionally, zoisite is said to resolve suppressed emotions and stimulate feelings of bliss and happiness, thus increasing one’s appreciation in life. This makes the ruby zoisite an excellent defense for those who battle depression. It has been used to boost creativity, develop intuition, and aid in spiritual learning. A comforting stone during times of loss, ruby zoisite has long been held to enhance the connection between the mind and the heart and has been said to foster compassion for others of similar circumstance.

Physically, ruby in zoisite has been used to calm cardiovascular palpitations, preserve equilibrium, relieve inflammation, heal reproductive issues, increase fertility, fight bacterial infection, and carving2astrengthen the immune system, heart, and lungs. It is believed to be especially beneficial in alleviating adrenal fatigue and relieving chronic fatigue syndrome and has been used to stimulate an inactive thyroid.

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Disclaimer:  The metaphysical attributes listed here are not to intended to be taken in lieu of the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.  If you believe you are experiencing a serious mental or physical problem, please seek out the services of a licensed medical professional. 


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