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ARC Review: Invisible by Allie Harrison

Cover - Invisible

Author: Allie Harrison
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Publisher:  Allie Harrison
ISBN: 0996904832

Target Audience: Mature

My Rating: Gold_starsGold_starsGold_starsGold_starsGold_stars

Characters: Ellie Westfall, Gil Trent


After a terrifying bank robbery brings her face to face with a masked gunman, Ellie Westfall hopes she and her son are safe. But Ellie soon learns there are worse things to fear, like dead bodies, or maybe becoming one. And as shadows close in and a bigger danger threatens, she has to trust FBI Agent Gil Trent to keep her safe from the monster bent on making her his own. But Gil Trent is hiding something. Can Ellie put her life in Gil’s hands? Or will his secrets get them both killed?


High velocity from start to finish, Invisible is red-hot and ready to rumble! Allie Harrison delivers again, with well-developed characters that readers can easily identify with and a plot that will keep the pages turning. Invisible is positively thrilling!

** This book was provided as an ARC in exchange for honest review. **

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