This blog was created in 2018 to serve as a space for me to write about living with a disability. It is now 2023, and I am using this space to share my thoughts and beliefs on those things that I feel passionate about and things that make bring me joy. As of January 2023, this blog will now be named Charmed Reflections.

My main passions include artwork (digital), photography, writing and communication, spiritual practices, music, movies and learning about Nordic and Greek mythology.

In terms of spiritual studies, I consider myself to be of Pagan beliefs, but I also practice Witchcraft and use it as a tool for meditation, divination and healing (both emotional and physical ailments).

Some subjects and categories that you will find here include:

  • Spirituality (practices, rituals, celebrations)
  • Mindfulness (gratitude, general practice)
  • Relationships (toxic relationships, dating, etc)
  • Self Development (building on self worth)
  • Mental Health issues like depression, anxiety
  • Holistic health (herbal remedies, bath rituals)
  • Short stories, dream journals
  • Downloadable products (coming soon)

This blog is updated often. You will never be spammed, and this is the only blog that I run. If you see any of my content posted elsewhere, please reach out.


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