Isolation Update

My dad’s residence is on full lock down. We can’t visit him which has me really worried for his mental health. He hasn’t been in a great place and he needs more help than most.

Social distancing. I’m fine with this. I’m a homebody and am off work anyway, so. I’m okay there. I got my Netflix account back and have been binge watching SHIELD (great show) and working on art skills.

Etsy store – still no sales. Just working on building product. Bad time to start a store I think even with digital downloads.

Health – runny and stuffy nose – thanks sinuses and asthma. You are the reason I am in isolation now.

Food – I’m okay for the week. Spent all morning trying to place an order on Superstore. Site crashed multiple times. I ordered toilet paper and quite a bit of canned goods. No more than my usual supply order I do every few months.

The earliest I can get food picked up is Tuesday morning! This is insane. People are still in panic mode and being absolutely (insert R word here).

I have watched too many horror movies to know how this all ends when people panic. It’s not even the virus that worries me. It’s the people.

Also it’s -30 today.

Church was canceled and this is an eerie feeling.

Stay safe folks. Keep me posted how you are coping with this. How is your province handling things?

Also to the people who robbed the Edson food bank – you are pond scum. Lower than that. You are the stuff that feeds on pond scum. I hope you go to jail for a long time.

3 thoughts on “Isolation Update”

  1. People robbed a food bank? What the actual f***. People are messed up and I think it’s totally appropriate to use the R-word here.

    We are self-isolating too and my mood is low this weekend. Idk why but I’m finding it extremely difficult to find the motivation to do anything productive. There’s no church here either, no school, and the malls are going to cut their hours as of next week. Now that we have all of this free time, what do we do with it? We are all so used to being “busy” and I think that this lesson is trying to teach us to slow down in 2020. I’m hoping things go back to normal by summer because we can’t self-isolate forever.

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  2. I totally understand. I mostly just want to sleep. Doesn’t seem to be a point in doing anything else. People won’t have the money to buy things because of this. It’s so sad and scary.

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  3. This was literally me all weekend. I’ve been sleeping in late and I’m just not myself these days. I suggest saving wherever possible and rationing your food if it comes down to that. It’s scary, but we will be OK. Batch cooking is a lifesaver and helps food last longer.

    I hope that the community comes together to help out those in need, and that people realize how ridiculous it is to resell necessities like toilet paper and hand sanitizer at ridiculous rates. Kijiji put a ban on reselling these items because people are doing this for personal gain. Coronavirus as truly brought out the worst in people.

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