Isolation continues. I’ve lost count of the days.

I’m still in isolation. I’ve lost count of the days and they seem to be blending together. All concept of time has gone out the window.

I was really hoping to go for a walk today or tomorrow but it snowed again. The roads and sidewalks were almost completely dry yesterday. But the temperature is supposed to warm up this week – so hopefully in the next couple of days I can get out. I need to take out my garbage soon. I’ve been trying to avoid the ice in the back ally.

Family has been reaching out by group chat and sending daily pictures of the babies every day. It’s been great. But also sad at the same time. I’m still missing my dad but he seems to be holding his own. Luckily, my sister is allowed to see him and give him the help he needs. But it’s an awful load of responsibility for one person to take on. I hope I can see him very soon.

I had an appointment with my case manager yesterday on the phone. We have all the information needed. I’m still keeping mum on the details for privacy reasons. But I’m hoping for good news in a few weeks. She was amazing to work with.

I’m trying to avoid watching world news. Especially trying to avoid twitter. This whole thing has brought out the crazy in people and it’s just sick the way people are reacting and spreading false information. Feeding into the conspiracy theories that just aren’t true.

Otherwise, I’m doing okay. I really need to get my condo cleaned up. I’m just waiting for the weather to improve and for the snow in the back to clear up. It should be soon. April is normally a great month for weather.

My benefits run out in May so I need to have a plan of action together by mid-May. Whether that means returning to work part time, or getting on wcb I’m not sure. I think the plan to go back to school is out given the current economy.

Some sources are saying that lockdowns could go up to 5-12 weeks – and in some countries, they are talking about 6-9 months before things go back to normal. I sure hope not. A lot of people can’t afford that.

Anyway. I need some more coffee and I need to work out. I ordered in the other night and the Chinese food has lasted me two days. The perks of living alone. I have an order booked for Saturday and then I should be good for a few weeks for food and supplies. Should it be needed.

How are you coping this week?

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