A month in isolation

How has life changed after a month of isolation living on my own? In some ways, not that much. And in other ways, A LOT.

I cut my own hair yesterday out of sheer desperation. It was a simple trim. Just an inch or so around the bottom. It’s not perfect. But my hair was getting SO long that it was starting to get dry and I was shedding like a dog. It needed to be done. I’ve always cut my own bangs very carefully. I’m actually quite pleased with it. Of course, once things get back to “Normal” I will visit a salon and get the full treatment. But for now – for being at home – I’m happy with it. It feels better and lighter.

My loyal friend Wally dropped off my bi-weekly grocery order this morning. I’m reduced to getting food twice a month given the increase in demand for deliveries. I’ve done deliveries for YEARS because I don’t drive. What’s changed is going from placing the order online the night before, to having to book it up to ten days prior to pick up. Wally goes and grabs my order, drops it off.

I met him downstairs and helped him in with the bags. We chatted quite a bit. I told him he was the only person I’ve really “seen” in person since the whole isolation period began. We chatted a good ten minutes before he had to go. And it felt good to actually talk to a human.

I came back inside and spent 30 minutes washing and wiping down EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. I am usually good about recycling, but today I tossed the plastic bags into the garbage. That’t what the experts are recommending.

I’m stocked up on canned goods. Snacks. Frozen goods – AND… more importantly, mix for my rum.

On Friday, our family did a Zoom chat thing and that helped – seeing everyone’s face. Were going to do one with dad this week.

I’ve ordered in dinner twice this past week. My diet has gone out the window. I’m still exercising.

I’m having a spat with my neighbours. They’re up at 5:30-6:00 am every morning. He is very loud when he walks. She’s okay. I can tell who is walking. They’re doing some kind of reno’s and I’m hoping they are fixing their insulation problem in the floor. This is an older building and I can hear every step they make. It just seems louder at 6:00 am. I tapped the ceiling this morning with my broom for the first time since they moved in over a year ago. They pounded back.

Let’s just say I’m not happy about it. I have taken the “grown up” approach with them and spoken to them about how loud they sound in the morning. But seriously, no fucks are given.

I think this time next year, the rental market will be better and I will have some money set aside for a move. Time to move into a newer building with an elevator. I also need to get out of this neighbourhood. The crime is increasing and I don’t feel safe in this building anymore.

I think I’ll stop there. I’m rambling. Today is payday. I want nothing more than to head out to the mall and shop for clothes that I desperately need. But alas, I have to wait. The question is…

Do I order from Amazon and risk infection? Or just hold out until this is all over? Even my stay at home clothes are getting old and ratty.

I need a makeover. Stat.

9 thoughts on “A month in isolation”

  1. Haha! I don’t take many selfies these days. It isn’t terrible. But I wouldn’t go out to a fancy event without a pro trim lol..


  2. I have annoying AF neighbors above me too! I swear a lot because the noise bothers me. I have tried the broom trick on multiple occasions and ended up breaking a broom.

    Have you tried blasting some music? I recommend finding the highest shelf and blasting some music with a strong base (like dubstep or something similar) from your laptop or Google Home if you have one. Make sure that your laptop is as close to the ceiling as possible. You might have more luck shutting up the neighbors this way. I am not responsible for how this plays out though. 🤭


  3. hah no I havent tried that. They are a younger couple. sometimes they walk non stop from 6 am until they go to bed. Even I do not move that much. Just seems to be non stop movement. however it has been quiet today. Just tired of being woken up so early.


  4. I think 3 people live about me right now. They are in their early 20’s I think. I believe that everyone living in an apartment or shared building should have some decency around noise. The last person living about me had a kid who would run around non-stop, and the husband would wake up at 5AM every single day including weekends! They wouldn’t go to bed until after midnight. I was calling security up to 3 times a week! I am so happy that they moved out.

    Do not feel guilty for banging the ceiling. You deserve a good night’s sleep. If you don’t currently wear earplugs, get some. I’ve been wearing earplugs at night for the past 10 years as well as an eye mask. It helps to an extent.


  5. Oh that sucks! I think my next condo will be on a higher floor if in a smaller building. I’m hoping rent prices will be lower in the spring. I’m getting my settlement money soon so that will pay for the move next year. I’ve tried ear plugs but didn’t work. I think they are working on the floor – seems quieter today. Here’s hoping!


  6. At one point, I ended up resorting to Bose noise cancelling headphones. They aren’t cheap but I was desperate at the time. They don’t really help with the stomping noises above me like I was hoping, but it’s better than nothing. I’m hoping to move into a house by Jan 2021. Ive concluded that apartment living isn’t for me. 🙇‍♀️

    Try to get the highest floor if you can…. we made the mistake of getting the main floor (there are 4 floors total, including the basement floor) in my building.


  7. Definitely. Or a concrete building. I’m also looking into townhouses or duplex. Our mailboxes were broken into AGAIN today. The same thief keeps coming back and the building owners refuse to install cameras. I love my headphones. They block out a lot of noise. Although one day I may miss out on important alarms or the end of the world because they work well. lol


  8. Ideally, I’m looking into a detached house at the opp end of the city. Housing prices have gone down here and I’m hoping they stay that way. Houses are ridiculously expensive in Canada 🇨🇦 The 800 sq ft living space I have right now is too small so I need a bigger space. I’m currently paying rent and have been living here since Jan 2018.

    Ugh, that SUCKS! ☹️ Last year, our mailbox was broken into and I was so upset. The owners here have broken cameras that don’t work and they won’t invest in functioning cameras either. We had to pay for a new mailbox key twice! Mailbox keys are not cheap. $80 a key.


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