Mostly Single Quarterly Update & Changes!

Good morning everyone. How are you doing this fine Sunday? It’s Saturday evening as I’m typing this. But I am going to start scheduling posts so you have something to start your day with!

I’m so proud to say that I’ve finally come up with a great theme for this website and gave it a complete overhaul. I’ve found a way to combine all my loves into one site – and I hope you continue to share this journey with me.

What’s changed? A lot! Have a look around. I’ve updated the menu tabs, added new categories and am going through deleted posts to update them and share interesting and unique content with you.

This blog isn’t all about fitness and weight loss – though that’s my main focus right now. I have a lot of interests to share with you.

Check out all the new tabs below!

What’s Cooking & Fitness Tips

I’ve reorganized my What’s Cooking and Fitness tabs. I’ve included all relevant posts here for you to enjoy. I’ll be updating these often. I have so many recipes I could have a website just based on that. The fitness tab includes posts on fitness goals, challenges, how to tips and resources.

What’s Cooking

Fitness Tips

Meditation and Self-Care

In these tabs, you’ll find videos and tips on how to meditate and master the art of self-care. Fitness isn’t just about diet and exercise. There is so much more to caring for yourself. Being healthy includes taking care of your body, mind, heart and most of all – your spirit. These are the principles of what’s called The Medicine Wheel.

I’ll be sharing some of my learnings from my job working in Indigenous engagement – one that I sadly had to leave due to health issues. I will miss the Elders that I worked with and learned a lot from.



Women’s Health

Long-time followers of this blog will know that like many women out there, I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I’ve done a lot of research over the years into this disease and will share my learnings here in this blog. If you suffer from PCOS, then please follow this blog and know that you are not alone out there.

Photo by Anna Kanifatova on

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women of all sizes, age and race. Symptoms of PCOS range from hair loss or thinning, adult acne, or weight gain. If you think you have PCOS, please feel free to reach out and subscribe to this blog.

Continue reading here.

Going Forward

I am dedicated more than ever to continue to improve this blog and focus on putting content out there to help others. I’m in a transition phase of my life. I’m thinking about a different career and am looking into courses I can take over the summer. I’m working on healing and getting rid of anxiety. Yes, I have help through all of this.

While I miss my old job and the Elders I worked with, I can take away what I learned from them and will be sharing some of those learnings and values with you. I think we can all learn from the “Old Ways” and make them “new” again.

I have removed my artwork from this blog. Taking a bit of a break to focus back on music and health. Too many interests and distractions make it hard to really accomplish anything.

Please follow this blog – I’m aiming for 1,000 followers by the end of summer. I’m almost at 450 – almost half way there. Thank you all for being here.

And lastly….


I know times are tough for many of you out there. But in order to keep this blog ad-free, which means a loss of potential revenue, I need your help with donations to keep it running. Even just $5 will help to cover costs of renewal. Or just buy me a coffee to show me appreciation!

This blog is ad-free – and there are ZERO annoying pop-ups. Something I hate more than than anything! You will never receive spam from me.

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