Danish Christmas Recipes – definitely not for weight loss

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m having a very late start to the day. I just could not get up this morning. And that’s okay. As long as I stick to a regular schedule on the weekdays, what I do on the weekends shouldn’t matter, right?

I think today is a great day to spend in the kitchen and do some baking. It’s not that I need the baking, but my cupboards are stocked up with baking ingredients and goodies to get me through the winter. And there isn’t much winter left – we’re almost half way through already. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!

Yesterday, some kind hearted friends dropped off some baking that I had ordered from the church bazaar. The plan was to keep half for myself, and give half to my dad. But since we’re still in lockdown and he’s not allowed visitors – well, I kind of already ate half of the Kringle. The other one, wrapped in pretty wrapping paper is nestled in my freezer which is packed to the brim.

Danish goodies

What is Kringle you might ask? It’s a delicious Danish treat that we have at Christmas time. It’s a not so delicate pastry that is sickenly sweet and high in calories. But at the same time, it’s oh so good. Heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and you’ve got a warm and toasty breakfast or late day snack.

Excuse the fact that it’s sitting on my paper towel. Paper towel has been hard to get this month with the isolation restrictions. Doesn’t it look yummy?

Danish treats – Kringle

I’m lucky that we have so many wonderful cooks and bakers in our community. Services have been cancelled until at least January, so I am missing my Danish connection very much. This time of year, we usually have parties, fundraisers, Christmas markets. But thanks to COVID-19, everything was either cancelled or moved to online services. For the bazaar, the church actually raised MORE money online this year, than in person over the years. Which just goes to show that people are eating more sweets than ever now.

Traditional Danish Christmas tree – decorations made by myself and all the kids.

Danish Butter Cookies

Most people know about the Danish butter cookies that you can buy in the stores. They’re my dad’s favorites. The cookies come in the infamous blue tin. But did you know that you can make your own soft cookies? As kids, we grew up with the Royal Dansk cookies which you can purchase from just about anywhere online all year round.


The other cookies you see in my picture are called Brunekager cookies. These are a classic Danish cookie that is served usually at Christmas time. These cookies are for those that love gingerbread cookies. They aren’t my favorite – I might have to send these to my dad in a care package as he loves them.


Klejner is a fried dough pastry that is popular in Nordic countries and nearby European countries. This is a very old and taditional Danish Christmas snack that is served throughout the month of December. And it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Unfortunately, most videos in youtube are in Danish – I could only find this channel, Scandinavian Today who has a tutorial in English.

My mouth is starting to water as I write this post out. This time of year is usually my favorite time of year for so many reasons. It’s the time of year I can learn more about my Danish heritage and indulge in all the goodies that come with Danish parties and celebrations. Unfortunately, we have moved all services online so I am really missing my ties to the community and family.

Luckily, I have some amazing friends who have offered to bring me treats. My freezer is stocked full with Kringle, Klejner and cookies made by friends with love. I even had another friend offer to drop off some medisterpølse to me today. This is a Danish a sweet and savory sausage that is served this time of year. And it’s a close favorite next to Frikadeller – which is a traditional Danish meatball that is often served with red cabbage.

And so, on that note – I think it’s time to reorganize my freezer and make room for some delicious goodies. What am I going to make today? Maybe some more cookies? Or muffins? Or pastry deserts? I don’t know! I very well may just wind up sitting in my comfy recliner, sipping eggnog and rum enjoying the other half of this amazing Kringle.

These are just a few of my family traditions that we celebrate each Christmas. What traditions do you celebrate in your home? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be sharing more posts like this in coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “Danish Christmas Recipes – definitely not for weight loss”

  1. Hi girlie girl… i have read a little blog post, I think it may have been as recent as yesterday as I clearly remembered it was about Saturday morning, although as I was very busy, it seems that there are many days passed since, lol
    Anyways, I do remember the name of your blog, but as I have subscribed to sooooo many blogs here in an effort to drive more traffic to my own blog, I may just remember the name simply because I like it.

    At a quick glance or many glances lol, i couldn’t find that post on your site to make sure it is you, but if you are the person “who has lost the health benefits because you don’t want to return to work for the same employer that has cause your illness”… please reply to this message and i will love to tell yea what i am thinking of…

    I have read now a few of your posts and i have to say that i really love this “dear diary-style”! It’s so nice and relaxed, it’s as if were are ol’ pals and you are taking with me particularly

    If fact, even if you are not that person, reply if you wish… And maybe we can become “ol’ pen pals”, lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! Yes it was me who posted about benefits but I deleted all posts that talked about my job situation due to some legal issues that are coming up.

    I love writing. It’s my therapy and I try and do a little every day. I’m just amazed at how many people are reading now! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am glad I got in touch with you and I hope that you will resolve your legal issues.
    I really love your style.

    I although I am trying to post as much as I can, I feel like I am the opposite of you and I want everything about my personal life to remain private. Maybe that’s why I admire you for the courage to just put everything out there.

    Just registered to this platform literally couple of days ago and being the first time I logged in I am so surprised to find so ways to monetize your blog 🤪💪… I have to look into that, lol. Btw, your blog looks fab and professional, I feel you are heaps ahead of me… but then again, I’m just a few months old baby 🤩

    I’ve read you an Artist too… I have started with figurative oils but currently I am more an acrylic abstract painter. I’m sure it will change in the future

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes I feel you about writing under your real name which is why I publish using my first name. I don’t share this blog with family or friends and only registered users can leave comments – so that helps. I share music only when I have new releases out.

    I tried writing under a fake name but it felt like I was lying to readers if that makes sense. It didn’t seem right and it’s hard to keep up with too many online personas. So here I am!

    I haven’t monetized the blog yet as I hate ads with a passion. But I’m looking into other ways of bringing in money like through donations, patreon, selling art and music. It takes a long time to get going.

    And yes I love art when I have the time just too many hobbies to keep track of. I use mostly Corel Painter but have dabbled in inks and oils too.

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  5. Yea, I just saw your most recent post about art and Liked it
    I didn’t even think about looking up Donations, Patreon, etc. I have read you have an Amazon Wish List?! Girl, I have to get me one of those 😂🤣 (if only some people will gift me at least one of those items 😂🤣…)

    Keep in touch if you wish… I don’t’ want to impose.
    I have registered to hundreds of blogs so far so I may not see your future posts… Now I better so some work, lol
    Have a lovely evening The Digital Vixen

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  6. ohh… ps. how do i turn on the Donation Option? also, I cannot immediately see your Amazon Wish list… I would juuuuust adore to do that, although I doubt that anyone will offer gifts these days, but the thought of it is pleasing as I will be Totally alone this Xmas 🧐🤪


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