Boxing Day Rituals

It’s 8:30 am and I’m wide awake on Boxing Day morning. I always wake up a little sad on Boxing Day. I love Christmas. But it feels you put so much work into Christmas for a few weeks, and then it’s over. Just like that. Boom. You’re done until New Years – at which I never go anywhere for because it’s too hard to get a cab back home.

I seem to recall a few New Year’s Eve nights when I wound up sleeping over at some stranger’s house because I had been invited to a party with friends and couldn’t get a ride home. That was before Uber or rideshare services came along. We didn’t have cell phones or apps to book a ride home.

I remember after one night of drinking with friends, we didn’t have cab fair, and wound up walking home for two hours. We were also highly inebriated and had no idea where we were going. But I just remember it was extremely hilarious. Thank goodness that was during the summer time. This is also why I don’t drink that much now as a mid-forties female. Hangovers are just too painful.

But boy did I have some good times as a young 20’s something. I would meet someone, we’d hang out as a friends. And then suddenly there would be a group of us new people just hanging out on weekends together. Partying. Shifting from one apartment to the next – because we were all too poor to buy an actual house.

Life seemed simpler back then. It was easier to meet people. You just walked to someone at a bar and struck up a conversation. Or you used dating party lines like Lavalife to make a date. Or chat with someone new. Now it seems like people don’t even want to make new friends. Or don’t have time for dating.

Where am I going with this post? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I only had two glasses of wine last night and I’m feeling a little fuzzy this morning. Wine just makes me so sleepy. I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with my sister and her family. It beat being alone for the day. We felt enormous guilt for not having my dad there. But honestly – dad didn’t even know what day it was when we talked to him. Dementia is a horrible disease and it’s hard watching someone you love go through it. But it is what it is. We talked about Christmas past and did the best we could to enjoy the night.

I woke up from a deep sleep at 8:00 am and a disturbing dream. In the dream, I had been in a relationship with a man I don’t know. I discovered he had been seeing someone else who kissed him right in front of me. The only thing I said during this scene was: “you’ve been dating 20 months? We’ve only been together 12 months. You were with her the whole time?”

I raised my hand up and tried to slap him, which is something I never do – and my hand was jello. I couldn’t hit him. My hand just flopped around while I tried to smack him on the face.

What does that even mean? Really? Dreams are so weird. And why 20 months specifically? Is something special going to happen 20 months from today? I don’t know.

And on that note, I’m going to drink my coffee, eat my bagel and watch some stupid movies. I also have a book to read – my sister bought me the new Michael J Fox book. I’ve always adored him. I’m lookin g forward to it.

How do you spend your Boxing day? I love pj days.


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