It’s moving week! And I’m dreaming about boxes.

It’s Monday and I thought I would just post a quick update before signing off for the week. Today is a chilly day and it’s snowing. All the snow finally melted in the front of the building. At least it’s big flakes and hopefully won’t stick around too long. My knees are feeling it today.

I had plans to take out all my garbage and recycling today but we’ll see how the weather plays out. I should have done it on the weekend when it was sunny and clear. But such is life.

I’m coming along with packing. But I’m running out of room. I can’t line boxes against the walls because mice are still around. I think they might have either moved to another suite or are in hiding. I haven’t seen any new droppings in the last couple of days. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I am worried that one might crawl into a box and come with me. But I suspect it would likely die in the process of moving as some boxes won’t get unpacked right away.

Three more days!

I went to the condo with my sister yesterday. It’s in pretty great shape. The owner was there fixing some things but had an accident with plumbing. So, I have to wait a couple of days for the carpets to dry. What I am excited about is how much storage there is. Even the master bedroom closet is huge. So I can store my bins safely neatly. There’s ample storage in the spare room for all my boxes too.

The plan is to purge even more once I’m settled in. I’ll separate boxes into groups of what I want to keep and what I can get rid of. I had a mini panic attack when I realized I grossly under estimated how many boxes I would need.

Ordering a mattress was pure hell re: covid. I called around stores for THREE hours on Saturday and wasted most of the day. I finally settled on a $600 mattress from Leons. They were the only ones who could guarantee delivery this week. Which means, I had to have the mattress delivered Wednesday.

My old bed is getting picked up on Thursday morning. I may have to switch this around if I have to pick up the elevator key. I didn’t know this was needed. But I’m hoping the property manager can just meet me on Thursday when we get there with the moving truck. That would make life a lot easier. I’m so excited to have underground parking for my relatives when they’re able to come visit.

One sister really helped with finding a new condo and even came with me yesterday for the inspection. She asked all the questions I always forget to ask. I may have to order in new curtains and a microwave. But I’ll get a better idea when I drop a few things off tomorrow. The place looked like it was in good condition. The walls could be cleaner – but I can always work on that later.

The kitchen – I can’t wait to use my new stainless steel stove and fridge! The freezer is huge too. There is lots of room for my pantry and dining table. So I can actually have people over for dinner. I may need to order a love seat for the living room space. But.. all in good time. I do not have much counter space. But I can always get a little cabinet for the microwave later on too. There’s plenty of room for it.

It will just be nice to have a new kitchen. There’s a brand new washer for laundry too and LOTS of storage in the laundry room. The living room isn’t a bad size either. And there’s a nice balcony.

The only caveat is the gym is a bit of a walk away and I have to book appointments to use it. Perhaps for now I’ll just use the walking trails and enjoy being so close to the ravine.

I do plan on ordering in covers for my arm chairs and cushions for the dining chairs to match the decor in the new place. New shower curtains are needed too. I have lots of everything else.

So, that’s where we are today. I’ve got my feet up right now and am waiting for the pain killers to kick in before I pack.

Happy Monday – what are your plans for the week?

3 thoughts on “It’s moving week! And I’m dreaming about boxes.”

  1. That’s exciting!! Yay for moving week!! 🙂

    We placed a bid on a townhouse last night and got it, surprisingly. We aren’t moving until May though – for some reason I thought we were moving end of April. 😝 I’m happy that we finally found a new place.


  2. Exciting and so much work. I have come to realize I have way too much stuff lol. That is great news about the townhouse! Start organizing now. Time goes by quickly.


  3. Moving is a good opportunity to get rid of unwanted stuff and only keep the stuff you truly like. I plan on donating a lot of our stuff prior to moving this spring.


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