Goal Setting – April 2021

Every few months, I sit down and review my previous fitness plans and challenges. I hate that I’ve let myself get to a point where I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing. Part of that is asthma, but part of that is also the weight gain too. Partially caused by hormones, and partially caused by medications – and stress.

One of the big reasons why I chose the location I am in now – is how safe it is compared to downtown. I have plenty of places I can explore for walks and once summer is here, I can take my camera out again and explore the trails down here. That’s what I’m excited for the most. Getting back into hiking and nature trail walks.

When you spend a year in isolation – you fall into bad habits. Like sleeping in until noon because of insomnia that keeps you up at night. Or you sit on the computer all day without fitness breaks. Never mind the effects of being on your own and cut off from your support group due to restrictions.

Community rec centres are still closed here as are swimming pools. But I’m very close to a pool here and can’t wait for it to open. I really want to get back into aqua fit classes. It’s a great way to exercise and easy on the knees.

So, I thought I would start the month off with a brand new fitness plan. No excuses now. I have access to a fitness centre for FREE once I get my keys. I have a clean carpet I can use for yoga, pilates and strength exercises. And I have access to nature trails just a 10 minute walk away.

Fitness Goals: Exercise Plan

This plan is very preliminary. Things may vary from day to day depending on migraines and overall health. But I am determined to get back into working out every day.

SUNDAY: weather permitting – go for a 10-30 minute walk

MONDAY: exercise bike 15 minutes, weights for 15 minutes

TUESDAY: strength only – 30 minutes

WEDNESDAY: weather permitting – go for a 10-30 minute walk

THURSDAY: yoga or pilates

FRIDAY: weather permitting – for a longer walk up to 45 minutes

SATURDAY: day of rest — use the time to clean the condo and enjoy a drink on the balcony

Food Goals:

  • Eat more greens and salads
  • Cook at least three times each week – left overs for other nights
  • Order in food – twice a month only
  • Try one new recipe each week and blog about the experience

It’s Easter weekend here. I’ll be working on some music for YouTube and planning a meal just for me. I hope to have this posted by Saturday to help others who are single and have to cook their own meals!

Social Goals:

Social goals are a bit harder given the restrictions here. I still can’t see my dad which is disappointing. I’ve seen my sister a few times as she dropped things off for me but they weren’t really “social” visits. They were providing a “service – like installing my bed, the microwave, etc. She even dropped off a delicious Shepard’s Pie last night. I’m not normally a fan of this pie, but it was SO good. I’ll be having that for dinner tonight too.

I’d like to find a friend to go for walks with on the weekends. We’re still allowed to meet with friends outdoors. Walking is low impact. It would be great to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in over a year. I hope we can also have more family zoom nights.

I think as weight drops off, I’ll feel more up to socializing and being around people. I’m just tired of feeling tired all the time and I know my weight has something do with it.

Condo Goals:

My goals this weekend are to finish off the bedroom and organize my closet. I need to donate some more clothes as I have entirely too many sweaters and shirts I don’t wear. I downsized a lot before the move, but still have too much “stuff”. So, my main goal this spring is to really get organized and “purge” whatever I don’t need.

I also hope to make it to Ikea so I can pick up some plants and things for the living room. I’m getting used to the new condo. It’s feeling less like a hotel and more like home. My bed and I are still not getting along so I may order a mattress topper from Amazon.

And so, that’s it for my goals for this month. I think that’s a pretty good start. I stopped focusing on weight loss goals and just trying to set a good exercise routine and return to healthy eating. I’ll keep you posted on a weekly basis for updates.

Etsy Goals:

I really need to get back into designing products. I took the month of March off to focus on the move. But the store is just sitting there. I’ve made 11 sales and got a review – but I need more to make it more than a hobby shop. Right now I’m spending more money on advertising than I am bringing in from sales. So stay tuned, I’m working on some fitness planners too.

What are your goals for this spring? They don’t have to be fitness related – they can be anything you want to work on or change. Let me know in the comments!

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