Divine wisdom – take a leap of faith into the unknown

So, I’ve had this burning desire for a long while to get back in touch with my spiritual self. I do feel that one of the reasons I keep getting sick, is because I always seem to be at war with myself. A spiritual war. This is what living with anxiety does to you. It splits your brain or personality in half.

My therapist and I had talked about working on meditations and affirmations. I have a channel that I really like listening to on YouTube. It’s called The Honest Guys. I started using their meditations to help me sleep at night time as they focus on insomnia. But recently, I started listening to their positive affirmations.

And amazingly enough, after just a few days, I already feel lighter. I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, but I know I can do this. That is my challenge for myself – for this year. To rid my life of negativity – and focus on the future and success.

As my long-term readers may remember, I love to do Tarot readings. I haven’t done any in a long time. My old condo building had such a negative energy to it that I never felt safe exploring spiritual practices. I could never get my home — “light” enough.

Here – I have plenty of natural light during the day and it seems to really help with anxiety and depression in general. Sitting in the sun for 30 minutes a day, has definitely improved my mood overall. Though, I still struggle with anxiety. That’s what I like to call one of my inner demons.

Tonight I did about an hour of affirmations and listened to relaxing music. That was AFTER an hour long sea salt bath. Have I mentioned how amazing those are? I actually zoned right out in the tub and I swear – for like even 10 minutes – I was in another world.

Sea Salt Bath Meditations

This is really easy to do. All you need is a clean bathroom – and a clean wide tub. The cleanliness is extremely important for relaxation. I could never relax in my old tub. This bathroom is heaven. Light a couple of candles (safely), run some warm water into the bath and add a generous amount of sea salt. Any sea salt will do.

It helps to close the door – windows and pick a time of day when you have some alone time. This is the most important thing (and the most challenging) when it comes to meditation.

Once you are relaxed in the bath and it’s at the temperature you need – I like mine really hot – then start doing some deep breathing exercises. You can listen to soft music in the background. But be careful. The music should be light, instrumental and soothing. Classical music doesn’t work as volume changes can be distracting. Go for something like gentle piano music (like I create!!) or soothing nature sounds.

Breathe in. Hold your breath to the count of 3. Breathe out to the count of 4. Repeat. Close your eyes. Repeat. Again. Again…until you find yourself slipping away.

Find a spot in your tub to focus on. I had the candle by the tub, so the flame reflected on the shiny water handle. If you use a candle in your tub, make sure it is not near your shower curtains.

Seriously. That’s all you need to do. Just stare at it intently while controlling your breathing.

I also use a sea salt scrub for my skin and follow up with some aloe vera lotion. And I tell you, my skin has never been so soft.

Today’s Tarot Reading

As I readied myself for bed with meditations, I decided to whip out my old deck of Tarot cards. I need a new deck. This one is ancient old and falling apart. But decks are a luxury I cannot afford at this time. I opted for a short five card reading and was blown away by the result.

I usually just do readings for me. But I’m open to conducting readings remotely for others. I was seeking general advice on whether I’m on the right path or not. And wait until you get a load of this reading.

First of all, all five cards had all MALE or masculine attributes attached to them. Even the final card, which The Fool. I had a good laugh at that. You never know what the cards are going to mean until you have them in order. I thought I would share this reading with you for inspiration.

NOTE: this is for entertainment purposes only. I don’t take the cards too seriously, but they often provide insight when I need it the most.

Take a leap of faith into the unknown

First Card — Your Present Self — King of Pentacles

This card represents wealth, money and abundance. The King on the card, is wearing a green robe which is the color for attracting wealth or money. It can also mean good luck is coming your way. You have new and creative ideas flowing out of you that can’t control. It’s like this new energy that’s been given to you. A gift. Your talents are shining. You are worried about money. You may even be obsessed with it right now. Perhaps you’ve lost your job, or have bills piling up.

Receiving this card, means that you are on the right path that you have chosen. Continue to work on your goals and you will see success. If you have been wanting to make changes in your life, write down a list of your goals and create a plan of action. Visualize your success.

Second Card — Are You on the Right Path — Knight of Wands

You are willing to take risks and pursue your passions. This is the right path for you at this time. However. Do not be impulsive. Think about your actions beforehand. Be willing to take risks, but know the fallout that may come with the risks. Weigh your decisions carefully. The time may be NOW to move ahead to a new project, or whatever goal it is you are working towards.

Follow your heart. Follow your desires. But do so with caution. You are overfilled with a sense of renewed energy, innovative ideas and you yearn to work with your hands.

Third Card – What Are Your Challenges — Prince of Pentacles

Continue what you are doing making gradual progress with hard work and determination. There is no need to change your approach at this time. However, procrastination may be your downfall. Go with the flow. The ebb and tide of time. Stick to your usual routines but make sure to see your projects and goals to the end. You are a natural go getter. A planner. You are meticulous in your details. But you may need to accept responsibilities and changes without resentment to see success. You may struggle with lack of self-discipline. This can be overcome with hard work. Instead of constantly coming up with new ideas (unless that’s what your job entails), work with the ones you’ve already had and see them come to fruition.

Fourth Card – What is working for you or helping you – Seven of Swords

This card was so dead on for me. I can’t discuss the specifics but it’s exactly what happened to me at my job.

This card may mean that someone in your life has betrayed you or is plotting against you for their own agenda. Be careful who you trust as not everything is as it seems to be. This card could also mean that you are trying to get away from a bad situation. Procrastinating is not the answer. Face the problem head on and be prepared for what may come as a result. Delaying action – can hurt your success in the future.

This card is also a reminder to look after you. Remember all those articles about self-care that I wrote last year? Even if you have to disappoint people – you need to know your limits of what you can and cannot do for your own health and well being. If you are feeling overwhelmed, now is the time to ask for help.

Be honest with yourself at this time about what you are capable of doing. Have you taken on too much responsibility at work or at home? Are you resentful of others because of this burden? The world may seem heavy on your shoulders. The only way to lift this burden, is to be honest. Even at the risk of failure.

You need to look after YOU.

Fifth Card – How progress can be made – future outcomes – The Fool

Now this card I loved. The Fool represents new beginnings and opportunities. You are on the right path to becoming successful and attracting wealth and abundance in your life. You now know your limitations. You are better at taking care of yourself. You can say NO even if it means disappointing others.

The time is NOW. Take a leap of faith into the world of the unknown. The universe welcomes you with open arms. Listen and watch for signs around you. You need to trust that you are on the right path. If you’ve wanted to make changes for a long time, now is the time to plan for those changes.

Take the jump. Take the leap – but do so with caution and preparation. Be curious. Keep an open mind. Be adventurous. Try new things. Meet new people. Expand your interests. Meditate often. Use positive affirmations if you must. Lead a healthy lifestyle – with healthy food choices. Regular exercise. Natural vitamin D from the sun. Connect with nature. Reconnect with old friends and loved ones. Weed out the negativity. Use the laws of attraction to your benefit.

Take a chance. The time is now.

Final thoughts.

I found this reading to be exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. I found myself nodding my head as I read the descriptions for each card. I’ve never pulled a reading like this before with all male cards. I shuffled the deck which I haven’t used in a good six months.

Take what you will from this advice. I like to believe that we are all connected and are part of one universe. These are the teachings we learned in Shamanism. We are bound by natural laws and energy.

Focus on the positive. It’s never too late – for new beginnings.


If you’d like a personalized reading – definitely reach out. Head over to my readings page for more information. Readings can be done remotely – donations are definitely needed for this.

If you are a tea leaf or palm reader — I’ve LOVE to connect.

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