Home decorating continues: living room update #2

My phone rang at 9:37 this morning with news that my new sofa was on its way. I’m so excited for this. I haven’t owned a new piece of furniture since 2008 when I bought my old couch and bed. Everything in my condo is literally second hand from my dad’s house – or I got it cheap from Ikea. My book cases, end tables – those were all purchased from Ikea. The bedroom furniture too minus the bed.

I wanted to go away for a weekend to the mountains but when I tallied up the cost – it was about the same as a couch. Between my shoulder and knee, I don’t feel up to much travel so… I figured getting a couch would be a better return of investment. Hopefully it holds up for many years. My last couch which I bought from The Brick cost $700 and it lasted nearly 12 years. The only reason it broke was after the move into my last condo. It had been put back together wrong.

The other weekend I moved everything around in order to prepare for the sofa. I settled on the wall adjacent to the kitchen and made sure to measure before ordering the sofa.

At 10:17 am the phone rang again and it was Leon’s with my sofa. They were ready for delivery but someone was moving out of the building or into it – and it took the guys nearly 40 minutes to bring up the sofa! But once it got here, they set it up quickly and were gone in minutes.

It took me a long time to decide on what color to get in here. All of my furniture is mixed matched and older. The coffee table and record cabinet are from my dad’s house – from the 70’s. I kind of don’t want to repaint them. But they need some TLC. I decided to go with the color of the fireplace which is a mix of dark grey, black and silver.

The color of the sofa is graphite grey – and voila. Here it is. The pillows were included with the sofa so, that’s one less thing to have to buy.

I shopped around for a long time for this thing. Even before I moved, I knew I wanted a new couch. I’ve been checking for sales on websites like The Brick, Ashley Furniture, and even places like Mobler. But most of the furniture is on back order or is considered special order. I was not willing to wait FOUR months for a new piece of furniture. I was going to wait until Black Friday to check out on sales – but then I headed to the Leon’s website and lo and behold.

This lovely sofa was on sale which basically covered the GST (our provincial tax). Delivery fee was included – and the store went out of their way to delivery and assemble the couch for me. There’ s no way I can do this myself. Sticking true to my “frugal way of life” – I managed to stay within my budget. A $1000 is pretty good for a brand new couch. I’m not prepared nor do I have the means to spend $2000-5000 on a sofa which I’ve seen in some stores.

The accent pillows would cost $50 each on sites like Amazon or Wayfair – so this was definitely worth the price! And the sofa is surprisingly comfortable too. I almost fell asleep on it when I tried it out lol. This is definitely, the best online purchase I’ve ever made.

The living room is coming together. I still would like to get some slipcovers for the chairs. I am thinking they should match the pillows. Either a combination of grey and white, or white with some kind of pattern. I’m looking on Amazon right now. Then all that’s left is some minor decor items.

I’m going to eventually get a new entertainment system – they’re kind of out of my budget range at the moment. I wait until Christmas time for Black Friday sales. I can get a new tv then too. My tv while it still works – is old and heavy. I’d like to get something smaller and lighter for movie watching. It’s so outdated that most technology won’t work with it either. But for a $400 tv, it’s held up for almost ten years if you can believe that. I’d like a new computer desk too as mine was second hand and is falling apart.

But small steps, all in good time.

For now, I’m so happy with my purchase. I can’t wait to finish this room up and start having company over for coffee or dinner.

It’s a gorgeous day outside, sunny and blue skies – so I’m going to head outside for some natural vitamin D.

Have a great day!

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