A little Christmas cheer

Yesterday afternoon, I got tired of looking at my bare Christmas tree and decided to start decorating it. I’ve been putting it off because I’ve reinjured my back recently and it hurts – a lot. I’ve been taking it easy this past week and sleeping in a bit more the past few days.

Did I tell you that I found out at some point in the last 12 years I fractured my spine? I’m still miffed at this. My former doctor never told me about this injury. I’m glad we get our health records now – this is how I found out about the injury. It showed up in a scan I had last fall when I got checked for fibrosis of the lungs. The injury is wedging between the vertebrae towards the bottom of the spine. No wonder it hurts. I suspect this happened during one of many falls on ice. Lord knows there have been enough of them over the years.

So, I’ve been taking it easy. Getting lots of sleep. Taking pain killers every day. And exercising.

But it was worth the pain. My little 4 foot tree looks adorable. I’m on the hunt for something to decorate the fireplace with. Maybe garland. I have to get new command hooks so it doesn’t damage the paint. I’m also scared to put anything on the tile. It’s so pretty.

I call this my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I have a lot of Keepsake ornaments and Charlie Brown ones too. I love it. The tree is looking a little pathetic though.

While decorating the tree, I listened to Nana Mouskouri’s “Old Toy Train” which my mum played every Christmas. She loved Nana’s music. These are the sounds that filled my house when I was young. Nana is Greek performer that was hugely popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Mum had all her albums. We would listen to Perry Como, Dean Martin, Vera Lynn, Rita MacNeill and of course, Nana.

I need some garland… work in progress

This song makes invokes so many emotions – my throat closes up and I choke back the tears every time I hear it. Even my aunts joke about it because mum was obsessed with this Christmas album. And so it’s fitting, that when I decorate the tree with ornaments inherited from my mother, that I listen to her favorite song.

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2 thoughts on “A little Christmas cheer”

  1. What an adorable Christmas tree! It’s so cute and very hygge. 😊 I think you did a great job decorating your tree. 🎄

    A couple days ago, I decorated our sad, scrawny Christmas tree. It’s a second-hand, fake tree that my husband pawned off the neighbors. I decorated it with clip-on silver and white sparkle butterflies, silver and blue baubles, and a star tree-topper: everything came from Dollarama.


  2. Thank you! I got the red garland years ago from Sears I think for like $15. The rest were all from my mum’s house. This is a cheap little tree too. I think I spent $40 last year from Michaels! A sad tree is better than no tree! lol


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