Major changes coming your way soon

It’s Friday morning and I got up late after rough night of nightmares and awful dreams. I’m sipping my coffee in quiet contemplation while searching Youtube for ideas on how to celebrate Yule this year.

I’ve decided that I need to take time to learn to be on my own again and say to heck with relationships, dating and play for now. I need to work on healing and focus on things that bring me joy in life.

My head was spun for a while there and I’m seeking ways to ground myself again. Men spin me. They mess with my head and emotions. They send the anxiety into spirals with their lack of emotional availability. And sometimes, I fall too fast and too hard – and wind up with a broken heart in the end.

Turning to the natural elements makes sense for this portion of my journey. I’m getting back into spiritual practices which is also timely for this blog.

I’m contemplating a name change for the blog. Mostly Single has been a part of my life since 2019, but I’m not feeling connected to it anymore. Life has changed dramatically since then. I’m learning to accept the disability I’m living with and trying to find things to do during the day that are both rewarding and will enrich my life.

So, what to do with this blog?

I’m getting back into cooking and baking. While I don’t have a specific theme for that, I’ll share recipes from time to time. I’d like to experiment more with breads and baking. Working with more garden herbs as well. Herbs are an important part of Wicca and Witchcraft.

I’d like to get back into studying Norse mythology and Paganism as well. While I don’t devote myself to one specific practice, it might be time to get back into meditations and spiritual work. After all, I can’t keep bouncing from relationship to relationship hoping things will change – if I don’t change things for myself. And that means learning to be happy on my own again. Like before.

Don’t be surprised if the name of this blog and theme changes. I’m contemplating on whether I want to renew the plan or not. $120 is a lot of money right now with Christmas here. What I do hope is that you’ll stay with me for this next journey, as I explore deeper subjects like toxic relationships, anxiety, and spiritual practices.

I’m also getting back into art and making jewelry. I’d like to learn to work with seed beads and make necklaces too. Maybe I can get enough stock to sell in person at an even in the spring. It’s something to do, and good for the hands (and brain too). I’d also like to get back into reading and book reviews. And also get back into writing fiction.

Thank you for being here with me.

If you’re a fan of Nordic content like me, you should check out Jonna Jinton. She has some beautiful videos from her home in Sweden, combined with stories of living in the wilderness, and is an amazing artist as well.

Note: I’m contemplating on hiding or making older blog posts private and starting fresh here with all new content. I may repost older articles or re-vamp them from time to time. If you have a favorite article you’d like to save, you can convert pages to PDF on your computers.

5 thoughts on “Major changes coming your way soon”

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