Artisans & Herbalists: YouTube recommendations

As I’m working towards becoming spiritually reconnected to the elements (nature), I discovered some really fantastic YouTube channels of likeminded individuals. These videos are so esthetically pleasing, with soothing music and narration. I thought I would share these creators here with you. For those who are on a similar path of healing and spiritual reprieve as I am.

It’s not uncommon to retreat into Hermit mode while you are working on releasing trauma bonds, or letting go of past hurts. Just don’t over do it. It can lead to a serious depression like I hit. I’m turning to other sources of entertainment and using writing and artwork to help me out of this slump.

The Cottage Fairy

Paola Merrill is an artist, teacher and creator also known as The Cottage Fairy. She lives in rural Washington State (think Twilight movies) and makes videos about her daily life. She works with wild flowers, herbs and spends lots of time in her kitchen. She is also an author and works in a bookstore, while running her own Etsy shop.

I love watching her videos later at night when I’m trying to wind down. They are so soothing and her voice will relax you too. She talks a lot about the introverted life and that’s something I can really identify with.

The Green Witch

Annabel Margaret is a what’s known as a Green Witch, someone that works with natural herbs, elements and medicines for healing. She is an aspiring herbalist and many of her videos detail how to work with oils, dried herbs and even how to make wholistic items like candles. As a witch, Annabel also reads tea leaves and shares other divination practices on her channel.

What I love about her videos, is the overall feel and ambience. Her home is lovely and she puts a lot of time into editing her videos and making them look professional. I love her home and her kitchen is such an inspiration. Also, if you love dogs – she has a couple that are featured in some videos!

Jonna Jinton

Jonna is an award winning artist, writer and film maker living in the rural area of northern Sweden. What I love about her videos is the overall vibe, the music which she creates herself, and the amazing Scandinavian scenery. Her channel is quite popular with over 4 million subscribers and she has received prestigious awards for her efforts of chronicling life in Sweden. Her cozy cottage home is something out of a fairy tale and she makes all of her videos feel magical.

She is also a jewelry maker and sells her original creations on her website. You can also follow her blog here

Who are your favorite youtuber or content creators that you’ve discovered in the past year? I’ll be sharing more of my favorite artists in coming weeks. I’m also planning on getting back into reading and will share my books and good reads with you.

Stay tuned as this blog is going through an overhaul and I can’t wait to share this next part of my journey with you.

Thanks for reading and happy new year.

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