Spring Equinox – March 21, 2023

(So, I drafted this yesterday. It’s winter again today. But I’m still posting it in hopes you have better weather!)

Spring has sprung! It’s finally Spring Equinox and I am enjoying the sun that is shining through my balcony window. While it’s a bit chilly to sit outside for very long – the days are even longer, and soon, I’ll be able to enjoy quiet evenings out on the balcony again.

The birds have returned and I’ve seen numerous gulls, magpies, crows and am waiting to hear the robins again. There are buds already in the maple tree outside my window and I can’t for it to bloom.

Snow is melting fast and the sun feels warm when it is out. And today, is Ostara, which I am most excited to celebrate after what seemed like a very long and dark winter.

It is also Spring Equinox where there are equal parts day and night in the northern hemisphere.

Ostara Celebration

I’m coming out of a bad arthritic pain flare and my original plans to celebrate Ostara all week long failed.

My meal plans have changed and I think I will stick with a nice chicken, broccoli and pasta bake. It’s easy to make, relatively healthy and I have all the ingredients on hand. There’s just one thing I’m missing – and that’s something sweet to finish dinner with.

I’ve been watching a few videos by other witches and one mentioned hot cross buns. I haven’t had those in years! I think tonight, I might need to stop off at Safeway and pick up some buns, maybe some vanilla cake, and — I want to treat myself to some flowers. Perhaps a bouquet of daisies, daffodils or tulips.

For after dinner, I think I will finish the night off with a hot bath, soaking in rose and lavender. Maybe I will some rose wine. And perhaps, I’ll sit outside and watch the new moon if it’s warm enough.

Ostara Blessings and Intentions

Ostara and spring are about new adventures, reawakening, and rebirth. It’s about hope and cleaning out clutter – both in body and mind. One of my goals it to start meeting online friends in person and go for coffee with, have a meal, or maybe just explore local trails with. I need to get out of the house more, and spring fever has definitely caught up to me.

I’m letting go of relationships that fell apart or no longer serve me well. And focusing on new friendships, current connections and those that are important to me. Not necessarily forgiveness for hurt, but letting go and moving on. Something I’ve talked a lot about. And this time – without anger. I’m letting go of the anger too.

Crafting Projects

The pain has been too much to craft like I wanted to. But I have some crystal beads I’d like to use up and make a sun catcher that I can hang in my window. That seems like a project for later in the week.

I’ve already started my spring cleaning and have taken out most of the recycling. The parking lot has all melted and it’s safe to walk on without falling. I cannot wait, for warmer weather so I can walk without a cane or winter coat.

Pagan and Wiccan Celebrations

Thank you for reading. Do you celebrate Ostara? How do you welcome spring? I’d love to know your stories in the comments.

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