May 2023 Intentions: daily positivity

In just a few days, it will be May and almost the halfway point for the year 2023. Time really moves quickly, even though from day to day, it doesn’t seem like it. But wow. I feel like I haven’t gotten very much accomplished that I had planned on.

With Beltane coming up on the first of May, or April 30 for May’s Eve, I really haven’t given much thought into my monthly intentions. I had a few really productive days last week where I got lots done on my condo, but there is still so much I want to get done before the end of summer. Unfortunately, between the migraines, pain and my stomach – my energy levels often fall flat before I can accomplish what I want to do.

I’ve already shared a post on what Beltane is, but as a reminder – May 1st marks the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. This means the days will be even longer and weather in most places in the Northern Hemisphere will get warmer.

For many people in my local area, this is the time where people start preparing their gardens for planting and many have already planted things like herbs, tomatoes and other lush green vegetables. This is also typically our rainy season and so we’ve had a few days of rain which has been really welcome and needed to get rid of the snow mold and dust.

Instead of giving a monthly recap, you can scroll down to the bottom of this list and see what I’ve done for this year so far. Hard to believe it’s been almost five months since I rebranded this blog and I’m loving the engagement here – even if it’s not as much as it used to be.

Spiritual Significance of May

May is a popular time for weddings and it is considered the month of mothers and brides. It is also a busy month as high school students prepare for graduation ceremonies and plans to enter “adulthood”. For other people, May is the time when people start thinking about summer vacations, or gardening, or home improvement projects with the warmer weather and longer days.

In a spiritual sense, May is the time to work on positive energy and prosperity. Bringing joy into your life and harmonizing relationships with those you are close to. You might notice that you have more energy this time of year, and want to get working on projects that have been building up over winter. Or you may experience “spring fever” and want to get out and reconnect with loved ones or your social groups.

It’s a time to get “Involved” in life instead of watching it from the sidelines. To get outdoors and really just enjoy what life and nature has to offer you.

With Beltane right around the corner, this is also the time to focus on family and fertility if you are trying to conceive. Or even if you are single and want to have fun – go play and be frisky. But please be careful 🙂

Color Associations

When it comes to color associations and the month of May, think of it like this. Red is for passion and the power of the sun. Green is for creativity, growth and fertility. Yellow is for wisdom and happiness. And pink represents divine feminine and love. These are all things you could focus on for the month even just starting the day off with some meditations or intention settings as you sip your coffee or tea.

Note: I am a solo practitioner that doesn’t worship deities, so this is just a guideline and things I do for myself.

My Monthly Intentions for May

Last week, I got started on my decluttering project and got most of the recycling picked up. I have a few more things I’d like to get done for this month, as time and energy allows for it. I’ve given up on exercise for the time being, but am focusing on getting outside 2 or 3 times per day and going for walks when I can.

  • Cook at least 1x meal per week and use all food in the fridge
  • Finish organizing the laundry room and office/music room
  • Get back into daily intentions with my morning coffee & tarot cards, think of things I am grateful for and would like to improve on (for positivity)
  • Go for walks at least 2 or 3x times per week
  • Read for at least 1x hour daily
  • Reach out to friends by text at least 1x each week
  • Sit outside daily for 1 to 2 hours, or 3x times per day
  • Work on arts and craft projects at least 1x a week
  • Work on 1x song per month for Spotify
  • Write daily even if just a journal entry and come up with new book ideas

This list is pretty hefty, so if I do at least 3 or 4 of these items, I’ll be happy with that. It’s something to keep me motivated and going from day to day.

Do you work with monthly intentions? If so, let me know what your plans are for the month of May in the comments. Try creating a visioning board to help keep you on track.

All artwork on this post was created using Canva premium licensing

Important Dates to Remember

  • May 1st – Beltane, May Day, Fire Festivals (Pagan Sabbat)
  • May 5th – Flower Moon or Hare Moon

May Correspondences

  • Astrological signs: Taurus and Gemini
  • Animals: cats, lynx, leopard (felines), dove, swan, swallow
  • Colors: red, pink, yellow and green
  • Elements: earth and air, fire for Beltane
  • Flowers: Lily of the Valey, Hawthorn
  • Herbs: mint, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow, apple blossom
  • Flower Moon: also known as Fairy moon, Hare or Milk Moon
  • Incense or oils: rose, sandalwood
  • Intentions: personal growth, fertility, adventure, prosperity
  • Spirits: fairies and elves

Monthly Intentions

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Beltane (Fire Festival) & May Day – May 1, 2023

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of April already and in just 7 days, it will be time to celebrate Beltane. Or more commonly called depending on where you are in the world, May Day.

Beltane Origins

Beltane is one of the eight Sabbats that are honored by Pagans and Witches – predominantly in North America and Europe and dates back at least 1,000 years. The word Beltane is a Celtic word deriving from northern Europe and means “the fires of Bel.” Ancient Celts would light two bonfires as a way to purify themselves and to help increases the odds of fertility.

Pagans also celebrated Beltane as a way to indicate the halfway mark between Spring Equinox (Ostara) and the upcoming Summer Solstice which is celebrated on June 20-21. Beltane is also referred to as the Fire Festival or in May Day.

It is a time to celebrate light and fertility and put the darkness of winter behind us, focusing on creation and “birthing” of new ideas, projects or relationships.

May Pole Dancing / May Day

In some parts of the worlds, Pagans (and witches too) will celebrate by dressing up in pretty white or frilly dresses for the girls/women, and dance around a tall pole that is decorated by colorful ribbons.

Photo credit: Brittany Jepsen on Pinterest

Floral Decorations

Many of the dancers wear flower or garland wreaths that they made by using supplies from their own gardens. The May pole dance is considered to be a fertility ritual. Some dancers may choose to wear flowers that are braided or woven into their hair as well. Other ways to “give back” include making a “May Basket” and filling them with flowers and goodwill (food, non-perishable items), and then give the baskets to a friend or neighbor in need of of support.

Photo credit: The Beauty Gypsy (Pinterest)

Spiritual Symbolism & Correspondences

  • Colors: greens, red, white, blue or pastels
  • Elements: fire, smoke (incense), air
  • Herbs: sandalwood, lavender, thyme, rosemary
  • Plants: rosemary, mint, daffodils, dandelions, tulips
  • Symbols: flowers, fire, wreath, May Pole, ribbons

Beltane Meal Planning

It is customary to eat foods that are in season for Beltane or May Day such as fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. A great way to give back to the Earth, is to support your local farmers and buy fresh produce at a local farmer’s market. Other people, especially those from Indigenous backgrounds, will often prepare bannock bread with berry jam made from scratch. Or you could bake scones or fritters.

For meat eaters, goat, beef or chicken are typically consumed at Beltane Feasts. For drinks, you may want to consider grape wine, mead or homemade ale. Anything made from fruit is a good option.

Here’s another list of options you could prepare for your guests if you are hosting a dinner with friends. I was just outside and the sun is shining so bright and warm – I’m hoping and praying for good weather next week.

Beltane Activities

The following are some suggestions you can do in a group setting, or alone. Try looking for groups or activities in your area on Facebook or if you are new to the practice or don’t have anyone to celebrate with. As a solo practitioner, I will be partaking in activities I can do alone from home.

  • Craft a May Pole out of homemade items such as popsicle sticks and giftwrap ribbons using an array of colors (typically pastels or bold colors).
  • Make a crown or wreath out of supplies from your garden to wear on your head.
  • Prepare a basket of goodies including wine, food, pastries or fruit and give to someone in need of support. Make a casserole and bring to a friend who is ill.
  • Gather with friends and light a bonfire, enjoy some wine, fruits and vegetables and dance or sing songs around the fire.
  • Prepare an offering for Mother Earth of flowers, herbs, or other biodegradable items that you can leave somewhere in nature – WITHOUT disturbing the natural habitat.
  • Fertility rituals – if you’re in a relationship and trying to conceive, now is the time to get busy in the bedroom!
  • Go on a nature walk alone or with family, take in the amazing scenery, relish in the fresh spring air and say hello to woodland creatures you might stumble across.
  • Grab a bunch of friends and head out to a local park, roast some hotdogs or hamburgers on the open flames, enjoy a cold ale, sit outside until the night sky comes in and admire the moon and stars
Photo by Vlad Bagacian on

Solo Practice

Solo practitioners like me that live in the city, might not have access to a bon fire or nature trails. Or may not be able to walk or drive to these places for health reasons. If you’re like me and you live alone, it is perfectly fine to make do with what you have available to you. Make a healthy meal, light a candle if you are allowed to, recite a blessing, or go for a walk or sit outside on your balcony.

Honouring the Sabbats doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money or create an elaborate event – find the things that you enjoy doing and resources you have available in your environment. You can make new traditions with your family or friends, or just celebrate on your own.

Are you a witchy type of person? Or are you of Pagan origins? If so, do you celebrate the Sabbat holidays? If so, let me know what your plans are in the comments. Always looking to connect with fellow practitioners.

If you’d like to learn more about my spiritual journey, please head over to my spiritual practice page.

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Earth Day Activities, April 22, 2023

I started writing this post earlier last week and it slipped my mind with untimely accident on the weekend. Earth Day is coming up fast – and hopefully, I’ve posted this in time for you to plan some outdoor activities this weekend! No matter where you are in the world, this is something everyone can take part in. No matter how big or small of an effort you put in. And best of all – most of the options will be free!

Earth Day Origins

In the spring of 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson created what we know as Earth Day in an attempt to raise awareness of the need to protect the earth (or in spiritual circles known as Gaia). Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 of every year and it is a day to honor, as I call her – Mother Earth.

Senator Nelson hired a young activist by the name of Denis Hayes to the National Coordinator for the first Earth Day celebrations held on April 22, 1970. In Canada, Earth Day has become one of the largest environmental movements and is celebrated across the country.

The original goal for Earth Day was to help promote the environmental grassroots movements and to also increase awareness of ecological concerns around the globe. In simplest forms, it is to help protect the environment – our environment – Earth.

This movement was inspired by the anti-Vietnam War learnable events that were happening across the United States in 1969. Since its creation in 1970, the movement has helped to pass environmental laws across North America including clean air, water, and protection of endangered species.

For today’s blog post, I thought I would share some activities you could do on your own, or with your family to honor Mother Earth, Gaia, or as most know it as – Earth. I like to think as Earth as a living and breathing entity in its/her own right.

The Native Americans and Indigenous populations of Native America, call her Mother Earth and the sun, is Grandfather Sun.

My Earth Day Activities

My Earth Day Activities

The balcony is my main focus this spring and summer, as well as spot cleaning and decluttering my home. I have to so much “stuff” that I never use and is collecting dust – that I think I just need to donate some crafting supplies and clothes to those who will use them. Then I can move some of the stuff in the laundry room too. That room is an eyesore at the moment.

This weekend, of course the weather has turned cold and my plants are arriving today. In an effort to get outside EVERY day, I was out earlier dumping out old planter pots and making a mess of my area rug that I just cleaned. Oy. But I got the planters cleaned out and filled in with new dirt. I’m anxiously now awaiting for the arrival of said plants. So, for today, and tomorrow – that’s what I will be doing.

There is a witchy flea market this weekend, so perhaps I will venture out on Saturday afternoon. I have someone picking up my recycling on Saturday so that is taken care. Recycling and “reuse” is part of Earth Day celebrations and could be something you do at home.

After emptying the pots, I spent a little time just sitting outside. It’s definitely fleece sweater weather and I’ll have to bundle up for later. But I hope to get most of the plants into pots.

My partner helped me realize I have a plant problem. 31 plants! That’s his counting. I counted only 8, with 2 packs of pansies and 2 sets of moss. I may have to stop off at the Dollar Store tomorrow to pick up some smaller pots. And I’d like to get some cheap figurines and statues too.

My kitchen altar

It’s going to be a pretty tame weekend as my foot is still sore and I can’t wear proper shoes. So, I think it will be filled with crafting, reading some books on the Kindle – or paper. Spending as little time OFF the computer as possible and off the phone. Using candles at night instead of lights. And perhaps a ritual bath as I usually do on Friday nights. I wound up spending almost 3 hours outside today and I’m feeling it. My body is not what it used to be, and physical movement like planting, leaves me in so much pain! I definitely overdid it.

But, without further ado, here is my list of activities for families to enjoy.

Suggestions for activities

  • Eat organic or fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc
  • Go for a walk outside or have a picnic at a local park
  • Go for a hike and explore local nature trails, take your camera and capture images of the birds or wildlife you see
  • Go to a local spot that needs cleanup and start cleaning up trash – make sure to use safety precautions and PPD
  • Get creative and write a song, paint a picture or make crafts with recycled items
  • Declutter or clean your home, balcony or garage and recycle old items you no longer need. Or repurpose for other uses.
  • Spend some time in the garden pulling weeds, working on the lawn, or planting seeds and flowers
  • Spend some time outside meditating and connecting with nature. Pick a quiet spot in nature, or your balcony. Listen to the birds, keep an eye out for other wildlife, or go and read a book outside.
  • Try to go a day without waste (difficult to do in this age)
  • Use candles instead of lighting at night, turn off devices to save energy, live life for a night like it’s “olden” days before we had power

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Mid-month update and spring decorating plans & plants!

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-April and the month will soon be over. Today is a dreary day and the bright orb in the sky is hidden behind grey murky clouds that are threatening rain, or possibly snow. In April, it could be either or. Unfortunately, after a warm spring day yesterday, the change in weather has brought on a pain flare and suits my mood too.

Balcony decorating project

Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day out on the balcony cleaning things up for summer. I got a good deal of the rug cleaned up and think I got a handle on the snow melt stains. I got out all the cushions which need a good cleaning and spent some time sweeping the area rug, fixing the fence, and dusting the balcony itself. I even cleaned the railings. Next up, I need to work on the windows and space behind the sofa.

Dust piles up fast and it’s even worse with the current demolition of our parkade, parking lot AND walkways. It’s been an absolute nightmare. But to accommodate the workers schedule and avoid as much vibrational noise as I can – I’m determined to spend as much time as I can on the balcony. Even on chilly days. Because even with the mall across the street, I love my view of the night sky. The trees provide a lot of privacy too when in full bloom. The buds already budding.

I’m still shopping around online for flowers and herbs. Unfortunately, the garden centres don’t open until early May here. The nights are still cold in the Northern Hemisphere and makes for frosty nights and early mornings. I just came in from the balcony for a peak, and oof. The cool air woke me up for sure.

Stay tuned for a shocking update at the end. I may have purchased flowers and plants before finishing this post…..Yes, I have a problem!

The other night, I was determined not to let the weather get to me. I bundled up in a fleece jacket, grabbed my Kindle, and a blanket. And this was the scene that laid out before me. However, it did not last long. That spring wind can drop the temperature about 5 degrees.

I was looking for clipart as a way to block out the stores across the street for privacy reasons. And lo and behold, I think I just came up with a look that I want for the space. We aren’t allowed to hang items on the actual railing, but maybe hanging real ivy on my own FENCE could be bypassing the bylaws. I think ferns might be a nice way to provide extra privacy and added greenery. Just need to find some other plants & real flowers for the other planters. There’s no where to hang baskets, but perhaps a floor basket.

The other issue is summer storms. The wind can get pretty wild here, so I’ll need to make sure everything is heavy and bolted down, enough that the wind won’t pick it up. I’m also limited on funds. I’d like to get a small statue – either fairy or gnomes, even though they are known to be mischievous creatures. But it’s all part of the magical fun.

Witchy News

Beltane is coming up at the end of the month and that will be my next magical related post. It has happened now that every month I’ve planned to celebrate and honor a Pagan Sabbat, that my health takes a nose dive on that day, or the weather hasn’t panned out. So, I’ve started stretching celebrations over a week long or three day grace period. Many of the Sabbats are often celebrated over a 2 or 3 day span anyway. I’m looking for and will be sharing ideas for both outdoor and indoor climates.

My witchy ways have slipped recently. Especially on the weekend after I wound up in the emergency room for 7 hours for an xray. Don’t ask. I’m okay. Just bruised and sore. But slowly on the mend, and looking to get back into cooking, baking, crafting up recipes, and organizing my crafting supplies.

I’m dying to make some raisin muffins and loaves. And have been experimenting with new dishes. The other night, I made a delicious honey and apple glazed pork dish with a side bean salad. It was delicious and so healthy.

Plants and flowers

I just spent more money than I have on potting flowers and plants from a local company that delivers. I got a few ferns, some Danish ivy, two selections of pansies (lavender and multi color), some snake plants, and of course, some tulips for my kitchen. That was just an added bonus. Now of course I have to buy some fresh potting soil and maybe an additional planter – but we’ll see. Pansies are small.

I’m excited. The summer I moved in here it was 40C and too hot for my indoor plants without air conditioning. I’m hoping for a milder summer and will just have to learn about plant keeping. Still shopping around for seeds for herbs, but I can grow those year round. It will be my first snake plant and I’m excited.

  • Australian fern x1
  • Snake plant moonshine x1
  • Pansies x 12
  • Moss x2
  • Tulips x10
  • Calathea
  • Danish Ivy
  • Astrid Peperomia

Worth getting in trouble for. My partner told me no more squishmallows or stuffies – that I buy for myself. I figured plants were a way to skirt around the rule and good way to use up my carbon tax rebate. Plus it’s good for the environment and will make my balcony look homey. Right?

That’s the excuse I’m going with. The dude purchased a clicker to keep track of my “infractions” and I just earned 17 of them lol…don’t ask. It’s consentual. I don’t think Six stuffies/squishmallows are all that bad to be honest. There could be a lot more.

Gardening I find is therapeutic and having plants around is always a mood booster. Tulips are just pretty. So my argument is this is for my mental health.

Other life updates

That’s about it in a nutshell. Still focusing on eating healthy, trying new dishes and working intentions and spiritual practices into my daily routine. It’s harder than you’d think. I’ll look at doing things differently for the summer months.

Spending as much time as I can outside. I was doing good for walks until I hurt my foot on the weekend. Once I can walk without pain and get a shoe on, I’ll continue that. The building is blocked off like a fortress and it makes getting out difficult. I’m really hoping they are done by September.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week with a post for Beltane plans, a Good Reads recommendation and possibly to share some recipes. We’ll see.

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Spring cleaning and DIY projects

Spring is officially here and we had our first rainfall today. Instead of hiding inside all day, I bundled up in my fleece jacket and got to work on the rug outside.

The snow melt caused some stains on the rug last spring and I tried cleaning it up with baking soda. But that only made it worse. So, today, I got to work, armed with vinegar, dish soap and water. And then it rained. And rained. And it’s still raining. I must have spent over an hour washing my balcony – the railings got a good cleaning and so did the table.

I still have more work to do. I need to sweep, wash the windows and the siding needs a good cleaning too. But it’s coming along. The rug is still wet from the rain but I’m hoping it got a good soak and is clean now. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when the sun comes back out.

One of my projects to do this spring is to plant some flowers and decorate the space a little – even though we have construction going on. I’m determined to make the most of the spring even if it means going for longer walks or just venturing outside more. I’d really like to find a walking buddy to explore the ravines with, but that means having a car – and probably a walking cane.

As a reminder, here’s what the balcony looked like the first year of living here. Maybe I’ll plant the same flowers my sister gave me. I really need to make it out to Home Depot.

I think I might switch the fence for an actual screen/shaders. But again, if I have to move next year, I don’t really want to put a lot of money into it. So, I’m shopping sites like Facebook and marketplaces for used stuff like garden gnomes and other decorative items to make it feel and look homey. I’m also the hunt for weather safe fairy lights.

Spring cleaning and decluttering

As part of my spiritual practices, I’m trying to get my condo organized and working on decluttering. This is a little harder since they moved our garbage bins two blocks down. I walked all the way down to the bin last night and was out of breath by the time I got there.

So in addition to cleaning and organizing, I’m going to make it a pact to get outside daily, or at least three times a week to go for walks. And this time, I need to stick to it. Not just for weight loss, but for mental health too. I’d like a friend to join me on nature walks through the ravines that are nearby and I’d like to get my camera out again.

I’m not worried about interior decorating but will be hitting flea markets in search of some altar items for my altar space. Keeping in mind that I may need to downsize next year.

That said, I’m starting to go through bins in my office closet and try and use up art supplies that I have lying around. I may just have to sell some online or give them away to friends. I tend to go overboard when I discover a new hobby. My hands don’t work so well with crafting or beading anymore, so I have to be careful how much I do. I do love my kitchen and dining area and need to work on tidying that up. Here’s what it looked like on moving day. I LOVE the big windows.

My bedroom could use some TLC and I think maybe I’ll hang up some blackout curtains to help curb some of the construction noise. I also need a new comforter – still shopping around for the right color. Those things aren’t cheap. I should eventually hang some artwork, but that will come once I settle on colors.

My favorite room is still my living room and where I spend a lot of my time. It needs some TLC as well and some organizing. And a good dusting. Here’s what it looked like last year.

Not having a parking space this summer due to construction has really put a damper on hosting plans. So, I need to make it a point to get out and see friends. Even if it means attending park meets again.

I spend a lot of time in my main bathroom and enjoy having relaxing bubble baths. The room is outdated though and needs a complete painting overhaul. Maybe I can work on that if I stay another year. It needs a real deep cleaning too which I’m slowly working on.

So, that’s life in a nutshell. I’m focusing more on my condo, living space and trying to get it organized. Downsizing and decluttering are my main priorities. Working on arts & crafts to get rid of supplies, and maybe sell some bracelets is also on top of my “to do” list.

I had a long chat tonight with my LDR partner and we talked about our relationship. I asked if he had given it any more though on what we are to each other and he said, “It’s more than just D/s roles, it’s a relationship. We’re friends, ‘lovers,’ and calls it a real relationship. Which honestly, terrifies me more. I have never had a relationship like this – they all start off good with great communication.

But we work through the challenges and he makes a point of telling me when things change. And it’s just refreshing. And terrifying. He talks about coming up here, which is a big push for me to get active and try and lose weight again. I need to get healthier not for him, but for me to feel confident and even sexy again.

Anyway. That’s it for now. I just wanted to share a quick update. My goals and posts might be sporadic over the next bit as I get back into working out, and connecting with nature. I hope to post more pics and videos too.

What are your plans for this spring? Do you have any goals?

Thanks for reading.

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On the subject of empathy

A discussion about empathy on reddit really got under my skin this morning and I thought I would jot some notes down here. Unfortunately, the word “empath” has been targeted by some as toxic and people are linking narcissistic behaviors with those that call themselves an empath.

I used to call myself an empath before the word started getting some hate in some communities. Before I go further, let’s first define what empathy is.

What is empathy

Empathy is the ability to feel what others are feeling, as opposed to feeling sorry or having sympathy for them. Being empathetic, means you literally absorb other people’s feelings and often mistake them as your own.

It is the ability to recognize emotions in others and understand what they are going through, or have gone through based on similar experiences or traumas. Sympathy, on the other hand, is the ability to feel sorry for someone else, or to show compassion during challenging times, or simply acknowledging their pain.

Types of empathy

Affective empathy

The ability to respond to other people’s emotions appropriately.

Somatic empathy

The ability to feel what another person is feeling – this is a natural gift that not everyone has.

Cognitive empathy

The ability to understand someone’s response to a situation – either based on similar experiences or emotions or learned behavior.

Examples of Empathy

When my partner is having a bad day, I often feel it impacts my mood as well. I absorb energy like a sponge, even from long distances. I find when he is moody or distant, this impacts my mood overall and I feel drained. When he is sad, I feel sad too and just want to be there to support him. The same goes for friends and family members.

Empathy helped me in the workplace. Some people will argue that my trauma from past neglect or abuse has made me hypervigilant, or that it’s my anxiety that makes me more sensitive to energy. But this has always been part of me.

For instance, when I worked in student registration at a local college, I could feel the excitement in the air when the rush of new students were buzzing through the halls. I’d be hyper all day and high off that energy. It would keep me fueled for days on end.

Other times, that inner gut reaction – a feeling of tightness in the stomach or general uneasy feeling when things were tense in the office. Observing the moods of other coworkers, seeing their mannerisms and expressions as they spoke in hushed tones, noticing the closed door meetings – this always made me hyper-aware of when something big was about to go down.

Weather related – I can tell when it’s going to rain or the weather is going to shift. Of course, that could be an arthritis thing. I feel it in my bones. But maybe I’m at times, so strongly connected to nature that it’s like connected to me in a way I can’t explain.

The downside to being empathetic

The arguments I’m seeing are that people are using mental health issues like anxiety or trauma related illnesses (PTSD, c-PTSD, etc) to completely dismiss empathic abilities. While people are not outright calling empathy a mental illness, they are blaming some of the symptoms or signs on mental illness.

This I have a real problem with. For me, I know what symptoms come with my anxiety. It’s different from day to day, but usually it’s social anxiety or being easily stressed out, or more recently, sensory overload. But I also know the difference between a real “gut feeling” compared to just anxiety.

There have been times when I’ve met people that just set me off for some reason, though I can’t put my finger on it. Only months later, or years later, the truth of that person is eventually revealed to others.

People sometimes tell me I’m being paranoid when I’m observing patterns and behaviors of others, and yet, again and again – eventually, in time, these patterns are noticed by others and most of the time – my gut feelings about those people are proven to be right.

While I acknowledge the need for treatment for some illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc – I think it’s really shitty to paint empathy in a negative light.

If there’s anything this world could use MORE of – it’s empathy and compassion towards each other. We all have the ability to feel empathy or even show/learn empathy. But many simply choose not to.

Anyway. If this is scrambled, my ADD brain is not being kind today. I have like three draft posts that all say the same thing, and I’m having troubles staying focused.

What are your experiences with empathy? Do you consider yourself a naturally empathic person? What are some stories you can share of how using empathy saved you from a potentially dangerous or toxic situation?

Please let’s generate a healthy discussion here. Seeing comments like “If someone calls themselves an empath, that’s sus.” — I’m starting to really dislike online “communities” sometimes. As someone who is spiritually open minded, I’m tired of seeing these discussions pop up in spiritual groups.

It’s like those that kink shame each other on a kink related site. Makes no sense to me.

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The Growing Moon: April 5, 2023 – creation, planting & connection

Spring is officially here and it is time to prepare for the upcoming full moon on Wednesday. Depending on where you are in the world, the full moon may start Wednesday night and last into Thursday.

The Growing Moon

More commonly known as Pink Moon, this full moon goes by various names around the world. The moon doesn’t actually turn pink, but the title refers to the blooming of the first pink wildflowers. It is also known as Paschal Full Moon and coincides with Easter weekend which officially starts on Thursday in some parts of the world with Maundy Thursday.

Spiritual significance

The spiritual significance can also vary for the Pink Moon depending on what you practice. I pulled the following information from various sources and picked what resonated most with me.

  • Awakening and illumination
  • Letting go of secrets or revealing secrets
  • Focus on prayer or meditations
  • Plant flowers or herbs for your garden
  • Connect with friends, build on current relationships
  • Make space for new projects and creating things

Here’s a playlist you might enjoy if you like choral music. This is music I tend to listen to in meditation on Good Friday morning, which is this week.

Ritual suggestions

  • Full Moon Circle: spend time outside and gaze at the moon, take pictures, perform a ritual outside to connect with nature
  • Raising energy, dance or play music, chanting – this all creates energy that can be used at the beginning of your rituals
  • Using incense to cleanse your space
  • Gather your crystals and charge under the full moon
  • Make moon water – use a jar or tumbler to charge water
  • Set intentions in a group or on your own
  • Release what no longer serves you purpose
  • Meditate under the moon (if safe to do so)
  • Explore deep breathing techniques
  • Draw 1 Tarot card for a reading and meditate on what it could mean
  • Pick and gather dandelions and either blow the leaves or prepare to use as dried herbs
  • Have a ritual bath with corresponding herbs, crystals and oils
  • Start preparations for Beltane/Beltaine on May 1st

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