The Growing Moon: April 5, 2023 – creation, planting & connection

Spring is officially here and it is time to prepare for the upcoming full moon on Wednesday. Depending on where you are in the world, the full moon may start Wednesday night and last into Thursday.

The Growing Moon

More commonly known as Pink Moon, this full moon goes by various names around the world. The moon doesn’t actually turn pink, but the title refers to the blooming of the first pink wildflowers. It is also known as Paschal Full Moon and coincides with Easter weekend which officially starts on Thursday in some parts of the world with Maundy Thursday.

Spiritual significance

The spiritual significance can also vary for the Pink Moon depending on what you practice. I pulled the following information from various sources and picked what resonated most with me.

  • Awakening and illumination
  • Letting go of secrets or revealing secrets
  • Focus on prayer or meditations
  • Plant flowers or herbs for your garden
  • Connect with friends, build on current relationships
  • Make space for new projects and creating things

Here’s a playlist you might enjoy if you like choral music. This is music I tend to listen to in meditation on Good Friday morning, which is this week.

Ritual suggestions

  • Full Moon Circle: spend time outside and gaze at the moon, take pictures, perform a ritual outside to connect with nature
  • Raising energy, dance or play music, chanting – this all creates energy that can be used at the beginning of your rituals
  • Using incense to cleanse your space
  • Gather your crystals and charge under the full moon
  • Make moon water – use a jar or tumbler to charge water
  • Set intentions in a group or on your own
  • Release what no longer serves you purpose
  • Meditate under the moon (if safe to do so)
  • Explore deep breathing techniques
  • Draw 1 Tarot card for a reading and meditate on what it could mean
  • Pick and gather dandelions and either blow the leaves or prepare to use as dried herbs
  • Have a ritual bath with corresponding herbs, crystals and oils
  • Start preparations for Beltane/Beltaine on May 1st

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