Mid-month intentions update, May 2023

It’s Friday and I realize that I messed up my usual blogging schedule this week, so I thought I’d take some time today and share some photos from my garden with you, and give a little mid-month update.

The smoke has returned to the city from the wildfires that surround us and it’s been hard to breathe. The air cleared up yesterday enough to get some outdoor time last night, but today, I need to keep the windows closed. My allergies are not impressed, and the migraines are strong.

Every morning, I start off my day by checking on my balcony flowers. Surprisingly, the Dahlias sprung back to life and watching them fully bloom just brings me such joy.

The petunias are struggling with the high winds and hot weather. It’s going to be another blazing hot weekend in the 30Cs, which is near 90F for you American readers. This is very unusual for this time of year. We’ve also had little rain and it’s been tough on wildlife too. I think maybe I overwatered the petunias and so I’m giving them a break today. Luckily, the pansies are still hanging on.

The weird dreams and nightmares have returned and so my mornings are fairly laid back and quiet. It’s started to play with my psyche, and so, I’m trying to pour my feelings into writing. Whether it’s here in this blog, or in my books.

Yesterday, I went back and updated most of the pages and fixed the old links. Note to self, don’t change URLs – it’s a major pain and I’ve had to just delete a lot of old blog posts. Sorry for the double notifications yesterday for my email subscribers.

One thing I’m trying to do is utilize my Canva premium each month and create pretty art designs. I really wish I could paint watercolor flowers like these. I’ve tried and just don’t have steady hands for it. There are some amazing artists out there. And Canva is not cheap. It’s by far, my most expensive paid subscription, surpassing even DisneyPlus.

My relationship is still going strong though it’s more like being really good friends that talk daily with some long distance fun, if you know what I mean. It’s been one of the healthiest and most stable relationships I’ve been in. There are no games. Communication is good. And while we don’t get a lot of time with each other, it fulfills an emotional need that I’m not ready for in person. And may not be ready for again.

The demolition of the parkade and parking lot is still ongoing. I think the worst of it is over and they’ve torn up all the concrete. Those first two weeks were brutal with vibrational movements. I’m hoping they finish early, so things can go back to normal. I have been utilizing a garbage pickup service as the bins are now so far away, and the guys that come by weekly are super nice.

I’m not doing a lot for witchy practices outside of the 8 Sabbats and full moon energy. I suppose writing every day counts and spending time with my garden centres every morning. I need to pick up some more crystals and candles. And maybe some small plants for the altar.

That’s pretty much life in a nutshell. I’m trying to get back to using my cycle and exercising. Plans for daily walks are off again as it’s very unsafe to walk around outside with the construction equipment, and with my knees, I can’t go far. Going to have to wait to explore trails until this smoke clears too and it’s safe to do so.

So… wishing you all a very happy Friday. Thank you to my new readers – I do vet followers and make sure their accounts are real. I remove any spammers or scammers as I’m not here for that. I want real engagement, from real people.

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