Grief and loss

As a church volunteer, I have been to my fair share of funerals. Over the years, I’ve also lost many friends and families to various illnesses. My family for instance, has a history of cancer and losing people too young.

After losing my mother in 2014, I struggled with anger and accepting her loss. I started writing about it in 2017, and started blogging around that time. This blog came to be in 2019 and I’ve shared many posts about my own struggles with grief.

Here are some of my more popular posts on grief and loss. I’ll add more over time.

Grief is a funny thing. You never know when it’s going to surface. The important thing is to give yourself a lot of love. Patience. And time to grieve.

Grief and healing

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are struggling with grief and recent loss, please reach out to groups in your area. Therapy has helped me. There is no shame in asking for help. If you can’t afford professional help, consider joining a support group. Or turn to your loved ones.

Support can come in many forms. Seek counsel from a therapist, a loved one, or a spiritual counselor in your area.

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