For me, meditation is as easy as listening to relaxing music at night time. I’ve started exploring more with binaural and theta beats to help with stress, anxiety and sleep. I’m also working on some relaxing music for you to enjoy.

Save this page and follow my blog for meditation techniques and suggestions. Bare with me as I am still organizing this blog that makes sense to share all I have learned with you!

The Honest Guys

This channel was created in 2009 and has earned an impressive 300+ million views. I often turn to this channel when I can’t fall asleep. There’s just something about the narrators voice that is soothing and relaxes me. Listening to these meditations at bed time is a great way to unwind.

Nu Meditation Music

The Nu Meditation Music channel was created in 2014 and like The Honest Guys, has earned over 300 million views. The channel has 1.7 million subscribers and has plenty videos from you to choose from.

For me, the hooker was their Native American and pan flute music. There is just something transcendent about the pan flute. Turn off the lights. Light a candle and lie down in your bed while listening to this masterpiece. Close your eyes. You will feel as though your spirit is flowing away from your body.

Another video worth mentioning is the Indian Flute Music video. This music is simply haunting and stunning.

Spoken Word Meditations

When I first got into using Itunes about ten years ago, I discovered several hypnosis books and what is known as spoken word meditation. I’ve had a fascination with Native American traditions and the ways of the Shaman for decades.

During my time in Children’s Services, I learned much about the ways of the Elders. I was blessed to attend eagle feather ceremonies, sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies, and sage picking ceremonies. All of which unfortunately, led me to where I am today with asthma. But I hold dear all the elders that I met and learned from on this journey. I even got to make a hand drum out of deer hyde!

Michael Looking Coyote is one of the first artists I discovered thanks to Youtube. When dad still lived at home, I loved sneaking out to the backyard after he had gone to bed. I would put in my headphones and watch the stars while listening to this wonderful album.

Something else I discovered with Itunes was the wonderful world of audio-books. Technology really has changed the way we can record and share media with people around the world. Here are some of my favorite hypnosis and relaxation books that I downloaded. Keep an open mind for some of these. I love learning about different cultures and am simply fascinated by the way of the Shamans.

While I do not really identify with any one practice or religion, I have been open to many experiences and attended drumming circles when I was younger. I’ll update this list as I discover more artists like these.

  • Law of Attraction – Aiman Al-Maimani
  • Message from your Animal Spirit Guides – Steven Farmer
  • David McGraw – Power Affirmations

As you can tell, I’ve revamped this website to focus on healthy living practices. Healthy living isn’t just about diet and fitness. As I learned from the Medicine Wheel, healthy living is about the body, mind, heart – and most importantly – spirit.

Do you have any recommendations for audiobooks or meditation channels? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be updating this frequently.

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