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Saturday morning mood – and a forking bagel

DISCLAIMER ALERT: I just finished watching The Good Place last night and I’ve been using the word “forking” to replace a bad word. So, no – I’m not obsessed with eating utensils. I’m just forking mad. It will wear off eventually.

It’s 8:00 am on this Saturday morning and the world is dark outside. My day however started an hour ago when I woke up to the pitter patter of my forking’s neighbour’s again. I don’t know what they do in the morning. Are they wearing shoes? Are they clog dancing above my bed? Are they playing musical chairs? How can two tiny people make so much forking noise? And how is it that I can hear every forking sound they make?

Okay, that may be enough forks for now. But seriously. I’m tired of this. Three years of listening to this. It seems they are out to get me. It’s like every night when I crawl into bed, get all comfy and my head hits the pillow – I get into that nice relaxing position and boom. Someone gets out of bed to go to the bathroom. I CAN HEAR them get out of bed to go pee. They walk around for a bit then climb back into bed which must be a metal frame like mine. I can seriously hear every forking move.

Then I made the mistake of hopping onto Reddit again before my morning coffee. Which I have now. With some nice toast, peanut butter and I have eggs cooking away in the rice cooker. This is me trying to be healthy after binge eating my feelings last night and stuffing my face full of gingerbread cookies. Because goddamn forking bullshirt. They’re really forking good cookies.

Someone reported me to the Reddit “self-care” team again. Like really? Wasn’t the internet basically invented so people had a place to rant anonymously about everything in life that they were unhappy about it? It’s what we cool kids did back in the day of the IRC chat rooms with comments like /me eyeroll and /me forking you so hard.

And since when do strangers think it’s okay to give someone who is venting random advice? Like telling me what to eat? Okay granted, this person didn’t know that I shoved a whole forking half a bag of gingerbread cookies into my mouth. But mostly I eat pretty forking healthy. Like raw carrot sticks, snap peas, grapes, apples, boiled eggs healthy. I mean, come on. I moderate a fitness group for forksakes.

And then there’s this blog. I write well thought out articles after spending many hours of research. And which posts do you readers like most? These posts about bagels and morning coffee moods. And so, here’s a forking coffee morning mood post rant thing.

Okay, I feel better now. I’ve used the word forking excessively enough that I just want to eat my toast, eggs and drink my forking coffee in peace.

Shove a fork in it.

Mad Typing GIFs | Tenor

Happy Forking Saturday.

Winter is here to stay. And I drink instant coffee now.

It’s Saturday morning. I’m showered. Dressed. My hair is washed and dried. I’ve got my toasted bagel and cream cheese with a banana for breakfast. A cold glass of milk. And a hot cup of coffee. It’s instant coffee. I drink instant coffee now.

And it’s snowing outside. Yes, it’s like the snowpocalypse today. We’re supposed to get about 10 to 20 cm. It wouldn’t be so bad – it’s actually kind of pretty. But the lack of sun makes it hard to get up in the morning. I guess winter really is here to stay. And I’ll say it – we’ve been lucky up until now.

But back to instant coffee.

Apparently, it’s all the rage in Denmark where my family comes from. I held off drinking it because I love the taste of roasted coffee. There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

But I found I would brew an entire pot of coffee and only drink one or two cups. And so, instant it is. I have different versions of it. Folgers. Tim Horton’s French Vanilla. I might even try Starbucks Pumpkin Spice next.

I’m committed to this. I even tossed my old coffee maker which was nearing the end of its life in with the pile of junk to be picked up.

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning out my office in preparation for my move in March. That’s not much time. Maybe three and a half months. I was hoping to get rid of junk before it snowed. Oh well. But I managed to find a local company who will pick up my goods on Monday. I managed to get rid of three boxes of random stuff.

Books, cd’s, dead appliances. I’ve gone through two HP printers. One died last month after putting in a new cartridge in. I was not impressed. There’s a huge pile waiting to be picked up and it feels good to purge.

Next up is my bedroom. I really need to downsize on the amount of clothes I have and give stuff away. So if you’re in Edmonton and need some plus sized business casual clothes, let me know.

I haven’t done much cooking this past week as I am still having a problem with the mice. Finding a new nest near the traps was enough to give my notice to my landlords. I’d like to have a place lined up by early February and all the paperwork signed and sealed.

I’m keeping an open mind to what kind of home I want and where I want to live. It will really boil down to affordability.

My dream condo I was looking at last year has been on the market but for much higher than I can afford. I reached out to my friend last night – her mother owns it. I said if your mom is willing to lower the rent I’d be happy to take it. We’ll see. She may not want it to sit empty that long. But — sometimes it pays to wait for the “dream” tenant who rents from you for 5-10 years. Right?

For $1350 a month, that view would be worth it alone. I want to live here (the photo was edited digitally, the floor isn’t that white).

Condo for rent at 8220 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB.

It’s an investment.

I’m also going to need a lot of furniture if this works out. Like a couch that big. And then a piano.

And on that note, my coffee is getting cold. I’m off to listen to create some playlists on Spotify. Eat my bagel. And maybe even put up my Christmas decorations. Because what else can we do right now?

Happy Saturday.

Romanticizing coffee and the New York bagels – what is it about NYC and bagels?

This morning I got up super early – earlier than normal. My natural alarm clock seems intent on waking me up by 7:15am every morning. On Sunday, it was 6:30 am and that was too early. I still can’t make it through the day without a nap.

I also woke up hungrier than normal and had to stop writing this post out to make some breakfast. My stomach was growling to the point it was too distracting. So, I wandered into the kitchen.

And as I was spreading cream cheese on my nicely toasted bagel, I couldn’t help but think – why are bagels just so tasty? And then my mind wandered to – I wonder what New York bagels taste like? What makes them so popular? And why do people romanticize the New York bagel so much?

I’ve never been to New York. And it’s never really appealed to me. I have been to big cities like Vancouver, Toronto and even Montreal. I’ve visited some very quaint coffee shops and have eaten bagels from across this country of ours. But what is is about New York bagels that I’m drawn to?

Is it because most of the romantic movies I grew up with in the 90’s were all based in New York? Movies like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Autumn in New York and even Frankie and Johnny were all filmed in the city? Or maybe it’s because of my Sex and the City rewatch – maybe that’s why I’m suddenly fascinated with the idea of visiting Manhattan and seeing what all the rage is.

Here in Edmonton, there are Tim Horton’s and Starbucks coffee shops on every major street. But I find the coffee is bitter and honestly, I’d rather pay $2 for a coffee at McDonald’s than spend $5 on a latte from Starbucks – simply because it tastes better. Tom Hanks in this scene, perfectly describes my thoughts on the ‘bucks franchise.

But where does one find a really good bagel and a decently priced cup of coffee in this city? When it seems like in the streets of New York – there are coffee shops on every corner. Like from this scene in You’ve Got Mail – I have seen this movie a hundred times and it never gets old. It’s my go to when I want to have a good ugly cry.

These are thoughts that I’m left with on this brisk fall morning. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. I woke up on Sunday morning at 6:00 am and it was still pitch black outside. That’s a sign that winter is coming. It’s dark by 7:30 pm. At least we’re having what seems like Indian Summer – so that’s something positive right?

I’m reminded of why I love early mornings. The world is peaceful. I can enjoy a cup of coffee and just sit and enjoy the quiet. At least until about 7:30 when the world seems to wake up around me.

On that note, I better get my day started. The clock is ticking and I haven’t accomplished anything yet – except to watch my favorite scenes from romantic comedies. So, I’ll leave you with this scene from Sleepless in Seattle. Another classic film that I just can’t watch enough. I think tonight might be a romantic comedy kind of night.

Happy Tuesday – where do you go for your coffee and bagels in the morning?

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