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Isolation Update

My dad’s residence is on full lock down. We can’t visit him which has me really worried for his mental health. He hasn’t been in a great place and he needs more help than most.

Social distancing. I’m fine with this. I’m a homebody and am off work anyway, so. I’m okay there. I got my Netflix account back and have been binge watching SHIELD (great show) and working on art skills.

Etsy store – still no sales. Just working on building product. Bad time to start a store I think even with digital downloads.

Health – runny and stuffy nose – thanks sinuses and asthma. You are the reason I am in isolation now.

Food – I’m okay for the week. Spent all morning trying to place an order on Superstore. Site crashed multiple times. I ordered toilet paper and quite a bit of canned goods. No more than my usual supply order I do every few months.

The earliest I can get food picked up is Tuesday morning! This is insane. People are still in panic mode and being absolutely (insert R word here).

I have watched too many horror movies to know how this all ends when people panic. It’s not even the virus that worries me. It’s the people.

Also it’s -30 today.

Church was canceled and this is an eerie feeling.

Stay safe folks. Keep me posted how you are coping with this. How is your province handling things?

Also to the people who robbed the Edson food bank – you are pond scum. Lower than that. You are the stuff that feeds on pond scum. I hope you go to jail for a long time.

I’m officially in self-isolation.

Things are getting pretty serious here, and I don’t like it. Mostly, it’s just stupid people being panicky and well, stupid. There’s another word I’d use to describe these people, but we’re not supposed to use the R word in this day and age. But you know what I’m referring to.

I tried logging into Superstore last night to place my weekly grocery order. I had food delivered earlier in the week. I thought I would be proactive and stock up for a couple of weeks – worst case scenario. I like being prepared.

The website was down. Then it came back up and there was no toilet paper to be found on the website.

I went onto Amazon for shits and giggles. I came across a 12 pack of Purex for $60.00! Yes, Canadian. That is unreal.

When I buy paper supplies, I normally stock up so I have enough for a couple of months. I’m wincing at the thought of how much toilet paper I wasted last month. Luckily, I have a whole pack left over.

If I ration carefully, I should be okay for a couple of weeks. Worst case – I have paper towel should things get really sticky.

Okay, gross potty humour. I don’t apologize.

Image result for toilet paper memes supernatural

The posts on social media are just maddening. People are panicking. In some places, like in Airdrie in the last 24 hours, a video surfaced of people robbing a Walmart.

Food shelves are low in stock. Things like canned goods, paper goods and milk are getting harder and harder to find.

RCMP investigate an armed robbery at the Walmart in Airdrie, Alta. on March 12, 2020. .

I’m okay. I repeat, I’m okay.

But I worry about seniors who can’t get out to get their groceries or who don’t have a lot of money to spend on things like toilet paper.

Are we fucked? Yes. Pardon my French. But it’s because people are being that R word I won’t use here. Instead of using common sense, people are hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style.

There’s this gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’ve been saying to my friend Wally for weeks, “I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit.” You know, in reference to the state of the world.

Does it seem like the sky is falling? For real?

First, there was the ripping of the doctor’s agreement here in Alberta. Then there was the layoffs. Then food prices went up. And oil prices went down. Then there’s the recent stock market crash.

And now this. The virus that has people panicked.

I’ve watched every end of the world horror movie that I’ve heard of. I fee like these movies have prepared me for this. But still. There’s something I don’t like about this particular event.

Maybe I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland one too many times. Or maybe I watched too many episodes of shows like V and The Walking Dead.

But, shit’s going down folks. It’s getting real. And I fear, this may be the beginning.

It’s not the virus that has me worried. It’s not world events that has me concerned.

It’s stupid people that ruin it for the rest of us who use and practice common sense daily.

And did I mention. I’m actually sick. I woke up with a runny nose and stuffy head. I think it’s just my sinuses.

But I’m officially in self-isolation. I may be writing a lot more than usual.

And yes, I’m whiny as heck.

PS If you’re looking for entertainment, Woody in Double Tap is hilarious.