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Spring on the rainy day crafts

It’s that time of year for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere for those rainy days to come at us full swing. For Albertans, the rain will be most welcome as we are knee deep in smoke from the wildfires. It’s hard to breathe today as I write this and I’m sad that I can’t spend as much time outside as I want to.

So, I thought I would share some ideas for those green thumb people like me, who want to explore arts and crafts. While my hope is to keep my plants alive as long as possible, should they start to die, then I’ll try and save as many leaves as possible for crafting purposes.

Some of these ideas I cannot take credit for, and will share the videos where I got the inspiration from. While many of these channels are focused on witchcraft, you could take the “magic” out of it, and just make crafts.

Here’s another great video from Indoor World with some relaxing crafts for those rainy or smoky days.

Dried Flower Art

You don’t have to be a witchy person to enjoy working with flowers and life that Mother Earth has given us. There are so many things you can do with wild flowers or flowers that you grow in your own home.

The one thing I do, is pick up a cheap bouquet of whatever happens to be on sale with my regular food orders, and use the leaves when they dry up. Having flowers inside just makes everything seem so much brighter, and learning to use the wilted flowers or leaves – is a great way to recycle and be environment friendly.

Pressed Flower Resin Art

I really want one of these! So pretty

Pressed Flowers & Glass

Pot Pourri

Something I did on the day of Beltane was create my own potpourri with a blessing jar. I used tulip leaves that eventually dried out after two weeks – which is a pretty long time for a bouquet of tulips. I added a mixture of my favorite herbs including chamomile, rose petals, yarrow and thistle. I wrote my intentions on three bay leaves and meditated on them until I felt like I was surrounded by warmth and love. I asked for health, happiness and a boost in creativity, which it really worked, because here I am writing daily.

Next, I added some crystals associated with Beltane, and orange essential oil for that gorgeous scent. Then I sealed it up tight in a glass mason jar. As leaves fall off my plants, like the fern, I also toss them into the jar to dry out. If I collect enough, then eventually I’ll use them for other crafts.

Lastly, I took the piece of parchment paper and taped it onto the outside of the jar with a list of things I asked my spirit guides for. This now sits on my green altar space and I stop and smell the jar as I tend to my plants every morning.

Here’s the video where I got the original inspiration from.

Painted Candles

Taper candles are cheaper candles that you can buy at places like The Dollar Store or Walmart. Painting flowers on candles is a new concept for me and I discovered this through the artists I follow on YouTube.

It was this video from Indoora World that actually gave me the idea for painted candles. And I think this weekend, I might order in some supplies so I can get started on this.

Painted Glass Jars

These jars are a great idea and can be purchased cheaply from most grocery stores or Dollar stores. The rest of the supplies can be picked up from Michaels, Amazon or any local craft store that you have available to you. These jars can be used as candle holders, or as vases for flowers, or vines, or place some fairy lights inside and use as a lantern.

Or make yourself a gorgeous outdoor fairy lantern! I think I’m going to make one of these with my mason jars!

Spring Protection Spells

If you’re a fan of spring and want to harness that seasonal energy of rebirth and renewal, then The Green Witch has some great ideas for protection spells. All you need is a candle and some herbs you can buy at your local market, or grow indoors. Some of my favorite herbs to work with are rose petals, tulip leaves, mint, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks (for luck), sage, chamomile and lavender.

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Looking for music to add to your spring crafting? Here’s a Spotify Playlist that I made for you!

What are your favorite indoor crafting ideas? Are you a gardener or plant lover? If so, maybe we should be friends!