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February 2023: Intention Setting & Scrapbooking

It’s mid-February and that means it’s time for my annual self-care post. This year in continuation with my spiritual theme, I’d like to switch things up a bit.

On Fetlife, I take part of photo challenges that really bring out the crafty-creative spark in me. A friend had a birthday today and I decided to create a pin board for her. Or rather, a digital scrapbook. Once posted, I had an “a-ha” moment and thought to myself:

I can use this for monthly intentions!

So, for this month’s theme – we’re going to focus on self-acceptance, self-care, spiritual practices and mindfulness.

Created using Canva.com – premium content. Copyright: charmedreflections.com

February Intentions

  • Start off my mornings with intentions, coffee, and mindfulness practices
  • Continue with selfcare for sinuses (hot baths, rinses, humidifier), skincare too
  • Eating healthier and cooking more
  • Exercising daily and fresh air, go for walks on nice days
  • Enjoy a herbal or foam bath every other day
  • Attend 1 spiritual flea market
  • Socializing and being a better friend to those in need
  • Incorporating spiritual practices into daily life
  • Finish at least 1 Kindle book and review
  • Get crafty every day – in the kitchen, beading or digital art
  • Writing every day – in the blog, journaling or my books

What are your intentions for February?

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