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Spiritual Practice: Where do I start?

I’m part of a few groups on Reddit for witches and one of the most common questions I see that is asked almost daily is, “Where do I start?” or “Do I have to believe in everything I read?” You get the drill.

I thought for this week’s blog post, I would take some time and answer more frequently asked questions and how I started my journey into witchcraft. If you’re not a witchy person, no problem. These methods can be used for almost any spiritual practice or even if you just want to adopt mindfulness techniques into your daily routine. I even wrote a blog post about that too!

Where do I start?

That’s a tough question. For me, my journey began nearly 20 years ago when watching shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I became really interested in Wicca and joined a local drumming group. In addition to that, I also picked up as many books on Wicca as I could get my hands on – including Scott Cunningham’s book simply titled Wicca.

When it came to learning about Green Witchery, I actually have YouTube to credit for that. I was searching for inspiration on decorating my balcony and stumbled upon cottage fairy channels, which led me to fairy cottages, and so on, and so forth. And now my feed is mostly cottage fairy and green witches or gardeners. It’s quite lovely.

Once I learned about intention setting and journaling, I was hooked. It’s something I do monthly now. I like using visioning boards for this and created this one with Canva.

Figure out your budget

Figure out your budget and how much you are able to invest in your practice. I’ll include free resources below as well. And do subscribe, because I have a post coming about free online resources for books.

If you are a student or single income earner, you probably don’t want to put yourself into debt. Try hitting up local libraries, garage sales, flea markets or wander out to your local Pagan or Witchy markets for deals. You can even find some supplies at vintage or dollar store type shops. Hobby money is also great for building your altar or sacred space.

Also, don’t go and spend hundreds of dollars off the bat. Take time and build your altar. I used the same Tarot deck for 20 years and finally bought new ones with a gift certificate.

A lot of supplies like dried herbs and spices, you can get from your local grocery store like salt, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and sage. Use flowers from local vendors and let them dry naturally.

Find things that resonate with you

There are a lot of types of spiritual practice out there and I know for me, I’ve studied a few over the years. These studies included Reiki, Shamanism, Wicca and lately, Green Witchery. I’m still learning when it comes to Green Witchery and every day is a new discovery about myself.

What I love to do is sit outside and be one with nature and natural energy around me. The other night, I sat out in the thunder storm (finally!) at 1:00 in the morning. I called upon my spirit guides and called to Thor and Odin (Thor is God of Thunder), and during my meditation – I felt a new surge of energy that is still flowing through me. I’ll write about this in a separate post and dive a bit more into my Norse Mythology connection.

Spend some time journaling and making a list of things you want to do, or that interest you the most.

  • Animals or wildlife (being around animals, totem animals)
  • Being out in nature (hiking, swimming, photography)
  • Building an altar (using things like candles, incense, crystals, gemstones)
  • Creating things (arts, crafts, music, journals, book of shadows)
  • Divination (scrying, tarot, crystals, etc)
  • Gardening (planting things, working with herbs, crafting)
  • Journey Work (meditating with intention)
  • Meditating – practicing daily mindfulness
  • Ritual working – what kind of rituals are you interested in?
  • Socializing – being with friends or in a community (covens)
  • Solo practice – best for highly introverted folks or those with anxiety
  • Writing – writing stories, books, letters, spells or poems

This list is not complete, but these are some things I incorporate into my practice. Gardening, nature, photography are all things I try and do often. And writing in this blog. I also spend A LOT of time on Youtube in the mornings watching other content creators for inspiration.

For me, my favorite thing to do is sit outside when it’s quieter at night time, breathe in the fresh air. Or listen to music with headphones and soak in the sun.

Using mythology from your ancestry

I am a mixed bag when it comes to ancestry and roots and have a mix of European blood from Irish, French to Danish. So, I feel strong ties to Celtic and Nordic folklore. The Indigenous peoples have their own ways of doing things so, depending on where you are in the world or where you were raised – try learning about how ancestors from your region practiced magic.

Shamanism for example, is practiced around the world, not just specific to Native Americans. Each region has their own beliefs and ways of doing things. Honestly, it was one of the most interesting things to study and I was blessed to work with local Indigenous Elders for five years professionally.

For me, I feel strong connections to my Nordic roots and Thor is still one of my favorite Greek Gods (and MCU series!)

Again, take what resonates with you. You don’t have to believe everything you learn – sometimes it’s fun to fantasize and write about Gods like Thor and Odin.

Don’t get too lost in studying, make sure to practice too!

I’m a hands on learner and have always learned faster by doing something new myself. Sitting in a three hour lecture is not going to keep my attention at all and I will fail miserably. But also, it’s important to at least learn the basics before diving into anything.

The more important things you should try and learn first are:

  • Incorporating magic or mindfulness into your daily life
  • Grounding yourself spiritually and physically
  • Meditating and learning to achieve ‘altered state’ for journey work
  • Protecting your space and your home from negative energies
  • Working with natural energy and learning to protect yours

Have patience

Most importantly, have patience with yourself. Spiritual practice, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Wiccan or Witch – is often a lifelong journey. You will find yourself questioning a lot of things over the years. Your tastes and interests will change as you change and grow with the craft you choose.

Same goes for learning. While there is a lot of good resources and materials out there to learn from, there is also a lot of misinformation and bad “actors”. Find people you connect with to learn from.

Never give up on yourself. Do things that bring you joy, and you can’t go wrong with that. We were all new at some point.

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Recommended Reading (from my own shelf)

I have an old copy of the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft that I should get out and take some pictures of. I picked it up in an old used bookstore for occult practices. It was a great dive shop for treasures. It was written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and covers just about every supernatural or occult topic from A-Z.

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Mid-month update and spring decorating plans & plants!

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-April and the month will soon be over. Today is a dreary day and the bright orb in the sky is hidden behind grey murky clouds that are threatening rain, or possibly snow. In April, it could be either or. Unfortunately, after a warm spring day yesterday, the change in weather has brought on a pain flare and suits my mood too.

Balcony decorating project

Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day out on the balcony cleaning things up for summer. I got a good deal of the rug cleaned up and think I got a handle on the snow melt stains. I got out all the cushions which need a good cleaning and spent some time sweeping the area rug, fixing the fence, and dusting the balcony itself. I even cleaned the railings. Next up, I need to work on the windows and space behind the sofa.

Dust piles up fast and it’s even worse with the current demolition of our parkade, parking lot AND walkways. It’s been an absolute nightmare. But to accommodate the workers schedule and avoid as much vibrational noise as I can – I’m determined to spend as much time as I can on the balcony. Even on chilly days. Because even with the mall across the street, I love my view of the night sky. The trees provide a lot of privacy too when in full bloom. The buds already budding.

I’m still shopping around online for flowers and herbs. Unfortunately, the garden centres don’t open until early May here. The nights are still cold in the Northern Hemisphere and makes for frosty nights and early mornings. I just came in from the balcony for a peak, and oof. The cool air woke me up for sure.

Stay tuned for a shocking update at the end. I may have purchased flowers and plants before finishing this post…..Yes, I have a problem!

The other night, I was determined not to let the weather get to me. I bundled up in a fleece jacket, grabbed my Kindle, and a blanket. And this was the scene that laid out before me. However, it did not last long. That spring wind can drop the temperature about 5 degrees.

I was looking for clipart as a way to block out the stores across the street for privacy reasons. And lo and behold, I think I just came up with a look that I want for the space. We aren’t allowed to hang items on the actual railing, but maybe hanging real ivy on my own FENCE could be bypassing the bylaws. I think ferns might be a nice way to provide extra privacy and added greenery. Just need to find some other plants & real flowers for the other planters. There’s no where to hang baskets, but perhaps a floor basket.

The other issue is summer storms. The wind can get pretty wild here, so I’ll need to make sure everything is heavy and bolted down, enough that the wind won’t pick it up. I’m also limited on funds. I’d like to get a small statue – either fairy or gnomes, even though they are known to be mischievous creatures. But it’s all part of the magical fun.

Witchy News

Beltane is coming up at the end of the month and that will be my next magical related post. It has happened now that every month I’ve planned to celebrate and honor a Pagan Sabbat, that my health takes a nose dive on that day, or the weather hasn’t panned out. So, I’ve started stretching celebrations over a week long or three day grace period. Many of the Sabbats are often celebrated over a 2 or 3 day span anyway. I’m looking for and will be sharing ideas for both outdoor and indoor climates.

My witchy ways have slipped recently. Especially on the weekend after I wound up in the emergency room for 7 hours for an xray. Don’t ask. I’m okay. Just bruised and sore. But slowly on the mend, and looking to get back into cooking, baking, crafting up recipes, and organizing my crafting supplies.

I’m dying to make some raisin muffins and loaves. And have been experimenting with new dishes. The other night, I made a delicious honey and apple glazed pork dish with a side bean salad. It was delicious and so healthy.

Plants and flowers

I just spent more money than I have on potting flowers and plants from a local company that delivers. I got a few ferns, some Danish ivy, two selections of pansies (lavender and multi color), some snake plants, and of course, some tulips for my kitchen. That was just an added bonus. Now of course I have to buy some fresh potting soil and maybe an additional planter – but we’ll see. Pansies are small.

I’m excited. The summer I moved in here it was 40C and too hot for my indoor plants without air conditioning. I’m hoping for a milder summer and will just have to learn about plant keeping. Still shopping around for seeds for herbs, but I can grow those year round. It will be my first snake plant and I’m excited.

  • Australian fern x1
  • Snake plant moonshine x1
  • Pansies x 12
  • Moss x2
  • Tulips x10
  • Calathea
  • Danish Ivy
  • Astrid Peperomia

Worth getting in trouble for. My partner told me no more squishmallows or stuffies – that I buy for myself. I figured plants were a way to skirt around the rule and good way to use up my carbon tax rebate. Plus it’s good for the environment and will make my balcony look homey. Right?

That’s the excuse I’m going with. The dude purchased a clicker to keep track of my “infractions” and I just earned 17 of them lol…don’t ask. It’s consentual. I don’t think Six stuffies/squishmallows are all that bad to be honest. There could be a lot more.

Gardening I find is therapeutic and having plants around is always a mood booster. Tulips are just pretty. So my argument is this is for my mental health.

Other life updates

That’s about it in a nutshell. Still focusing on eating healthy, trying new dishes and working intentions and spiritual practices into my daily routine. It’s harder than you’d think. I’ll look at doing things differently for the summer months.

Spending as much time as I can outside. I was doing good for walks until I hurt my foot on the weekend. Once I can walk without pain and get a shoe on, I’ll continue that. The building is blocked off like a fortress and it makes getting out difficult. I’m really hoping they are done by September.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week with a post for Beltane plans, a Good Reads recommendation and possibly to share some recipes. We’ll see.

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