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May 05 – Flower Moon

On May 1st, fellow Pagans, witches and wiccans celebrated Beltane which marks the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Equinox. Here, in Canada, spring is in full bloom and the trees and flowers have really started budding. The dry and brown grass is starting to turn lush green, and the birds outside my window, sing songs that wake me up early in the morning.

This has been a busy spiritual week and I’ve already shared how I celebrated Beltane which, for me, stretched over a period of three days. And now, it’s already May 05, and the full moon has arrived, which means it is time to honor the moon in all its glory, and spend some time with the moon tonight.

I’ve already completed my work for this month’s full moon and was able to capture this beauty last night from my balcony.

Flower Moon origins

That big glowing ball that lights up our night sky, has a different name for each month when the it is at its fullest. This full moon is called Flower Moon, which is a name that was given by our Native American ancestors who observed flowers in abundance. Other names include Budding Moon, Egg Laying Moon and Planting Moon.

Just like last month’s Pink Moon, the Flower Moon represents creation, abundance and growth. Growing things like flowers and plants from seedlings and nurturing them as they mature.

Spiritual significance

In a spiritual sense, the Flower Moon is a time to focus on things that bring you joy and to celebrate what life has to offer. Go for a walk in nature and take a moment or two to literally, smell the flowers.

If you have a garden, spend time cleaning it up and preparing it for the growing season. Or if you have a balcony, sweep it with a broom, and get it organized for the plants or flowers you wish to have. While flowers and plants means some work – they really can bring “life” into your home. And for me, someone on disability, this is something to wake up to and do every day.

There are some areas in your life that you will need to pay attention to and take special care of. Where I live, we are in the midst of political elections and are surrounded by wildfires, so there is tension in the air. It’s important to take time for yourself, to ground yourself and protect your own energy. You can do this through mindfulness techniques such as meditation or yoga or just spending time with your garden and pets.

If you notice a surge of energy today, you are not alone. The full moon is powerful and now is the time to perform rituals of letting go, healing and welcoming abundance into your life.

Mother Nature can heal you in so many ways. My goal is to spend as much time as humanly possible outside on my balcony, going for walks, and even spending time with friends and family on the weekends.

Go out. Enjoy life and what it has to offer. And stop and smell the roses every now and then.

Magical Correspondences

  • Colors: red, orange, yellow representing the warmth and light emitting from the sun, allowing for growth and representing life.
  • Elements: fire (Beltane – Fire Festival), air and earth
  • Gemstones: ruby, garnet, and amber for fertility and celebrating the body of a woman.
  • Herbs: mint and fiery or spicy like chili flakes, or cinnamon
Pixabay Photo

Ritual suggestions

As a solo witch, I don’t really do anything elaborate for the full moon rituals. Mostly, I spend some time outside during the day with my flowers and plants. I lather myself up in suntan lotion and spend at least 30 minutes in the sun – otherwise I burn to a crisp.

At night, I will spend some time outside, usually for about an hour, or more if I’m reading – and I will stare up at the sky while listening to Celtic or meditative music and just try and clear my brain. The anxiety makes it challenging but it helps for overall well-being.

Writing in this blog monthly, is also part of my intention working and gives me something to do.

Altar Ideas – Pixabay

Solo practice ideas

  • Outdoors: Bring the candle with you outside and sit under the moon for a while. Just stare up at the sky and get lost in all the craters, dents and wonderful things to look at. Get your camera charged up and take some close up pictures. Take your journal with you and write down how you feel, what issues you are currently facing, and some ideas that may help you through the challenges.
  • Indoors: light a candle (if safe to do to so), journal entries, meditation, tarot readings, other forms of divination or have a full ritual bath with herbs, teas, oils, candles, etc.

Note: with the increase in wildfire activity, please do not light fires or leave candles unattended. Fires can spark easily in this dry heat. Please use caution and make sure the flames are properly extinguished. If you cannot use open flames – then consider LED candles.

Sorry, but I’m not feeling up to creating artwork today or printables. I’ll provide one next month. Thanks for understanding. For more information on moonology, please refer to the links below.

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