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JUNE 2023 Intentions: Joyful unions, abundance & harmony

June is just a few days aways and thus marks the halfway point for 2023. Hard to believe the year is almost half over – time really does fly when you stop and think about it.

On June 21st in the northern hemisphere, we will celebrate Summer Solstice which marks the official start of summer. In other parts of the world, people are preparing for winter festivals. Here in Alberta, we seemed to have skipped spring and went straight into summer like weather. Longer days have arrived with the sun setting around 9pm at night and waking up before 6 am. The trees are in full bloom and everything is starting to turn green thanks to some rain this week.

The large tree outside my balcony is full of life and provides much shaded relief from the sun, and privacy at nighttime for when I want to sit outside.

Spiritual Significance of June

When it comes to spiritual significance, June reminds us it is a time for celebrating life and joy. It is a time for love, weddings and harmonizing unions. Whether with good friends, or your life partners.

If you’re single like me, then now is the time to welcome love into your life. Open yourself up to new people and potential partners. Or new kinds of relationships.

This may mean attending more social events, going on dates, or getting together with friends. Whatever dating might look like in your world. And if you’re happy being single, then take the time to celebrate with friends or loved ones.

June is also the time for picking berries and is known for a time of abundance and prosperity. Working with affirmations and “I am” phrases is encouraged this time of year to bring you some good luck!

This time of year, I look forward to celebrating Midsummer and I can’t help but think of the music from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and this piece by Mendelssohn. A feverish melody that invokes feelings of joy.

My Intentions for June (midsummer)

Now that summer is really underway here, I’m going to make the most of my time at home and try and get outside as much as possible. The one thing that has changed, is I made a nice group of friends in the kink community – all women. We’re going to start meeting once a month for coffee and crafting. I’m excited for this and so is everyone else. It’s a controlled group meaning – invitation only. That means, I’ve found a group where I can just be myself and not have to worry about feeling safe. I love organizing events and meeting new people, so that is my number one focus at this time.

  • Attend my group’s first “coffee and craft” meet! Already scheduled and location picked out. Work on arts & crafts (coloring, wreaths, etc).
  • Decorate bedroom and bring some “green” life to make it cozy. I’ve already got a quilt picked up and color scheme.
  • Spend some time with friends going to markets, or just hanging out at the parks or in backyards. Or on my balcony.
  • Spend at least 1-2 hours outside daily. 1 hour during the day to get sun, and at least 1 hour a night reading. Go for walks when up to it.
  • Tend to my flowers & garden as needed and keep plants alive! Pick up 1 bouquet of daisies or tulips
  • Finish reading at least 1 book per week – I’ve already started a new series and am about 120 pages in “The Elementals” and it’s good fun.
  • Write at least 10 chapters of my first book and re-work other books for publishing.

Do you work with monthly intentions? If so, let me know what your plans are for the month of May in the comments. Try creating a visioning board to help keep you on track.

All artwork on this post was created using Canva premium licensing

Important Dates to Remember

  • June 04-05 – Strawberry Moon, Full Moon
  • June 20-21 – Summer Solstice, Midsummer Festivals

June Correspondences

  • Astrological signs: Gemini and Cancer
  • Animals: birds, beavers and otters, chickens, octopus
  • Colors: light purple, white pearl
  • Gemstones: pearl, moonstone, Alexandrite
  • Flowers: Rose, rose petals
  • Herbs: dill, parsley, lavender, sage, aloe, bay, lemon balm
  • Strawberry Moon: time for picking berries, flowers blooming
  • Incense or oils: rose, sandalwood
  • Intentions: personal abundance, joyful union, relationships & love
  • Spirits: nymphs, gnomes and fairy folk, sprites

Monthly Intentions

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Beltane (Fire Festival) & May Day – May 1, 2023

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of April already and in just 7 days, it will be time to celebrate Beltane. Or more commonly called depending on where you are in the world, May Day.

Beltane Origins

Beltane is one of the eight Sabbats that are honored by Pagans and Witches – predominantly in North America and Europe and dates back at least 1,000 years. The word Beltane is a Celtic word deriving from northern Europe and means “the fires of Bel.” Ancient Celts would light two bonfires as a way to purify themselves and to help increases the odds of fertility.

Pagans also celebrated Beltane as a way to indicate the halfway mark between Spring Equinox (Ostara) and the upcoming Summer Solstice which is celebrated on June 20-21. Beltane is also referred to as the Fire Festival or in May Day.

It is a time to celebrate light and fertility and put the darkness of winter behind us, focusing on creation and “birthing” of new ideas, projects or relationships.

May Pole Dancing / May Day

In some parts of the worlds, Pagans (and witches too) will celebrate by dressing up in pretty white or frilly dresses for the girls/women, and dance around a tall pole that is decorated by colorful ribbons.

Photo credit: Brittany Jepsen on Pinterest

Floral Decorations

Many of the dancers wear flower or garland wreaths that they made by using supplies from their own gardens. The May pole dance is considered to be a fertility ritual. Some dancers may choose to wear flowers that are braided or woven into their hair as well. Other ways to “give back” include making a “May Basket” and filling them with flowers and goodwill (food, non-perishable items), and then give the baskets to a friend or neighbor in need of of support.

Photo credit: The Beauty Gypsy (Pinterest)

Spiritual Symbolism & Correspondences

  • Colors: greens, red, white, blue or pastels
  • Elements: fire, smoke (incense), air
  • Herbs: sandalwood, lavender, thyme, rosemary
  • Plants: rosemary, mint, daffodils, dandelions, tulips
  • Symbols: flowers, fire, wreath, May Pole, ribbons

Beltane Meal Planning

It is customary to eat foods that are in season for Beltane or May Day such as fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. A great way to give back to the Earth, is to support your local farmers and buy fresh produce at a local farmer’s market. Other people, especially those from Indigenous backgrounds, will often prepare bannock bread with berry jam made from scratch. Or you could bake scones or fritters.

For meat eaters, goat, beef or chicken are typically consumed at Beltane Feasts. For drinks, you may want to consider grape wine, mead or homemade ale. Anything made from fruit is a good option.

Here’s another list of options you could prepare for your guests if you are hosting a dinner with friends. I was just outside and the sun is shining so bright and warm – I’m hoping and praying for good weather next week.

Beltane Activities

The following are some suggestions you can do in a group setting, or alone. Try looking for groups or activities in your area on Facebook or Meetup.com if you are new to the practice or don’t have anyone to celebrate with. As a solo practitioner, I will be partaking in activities I can do alone from home.

  • Craft a May Pole out of homemade items such as popsicle sticks and giftwrap ribbons using an array of colors (typically pastels or bold colors).
  • Make a crown or wreath out of supplies from your garden to wear on your head.
  • Prepare a basket of goodies including wine, food, pastries or fruit and give to someone in need of support. Make a casserole and bring to a friend who is ill.
  • Gather with friends and light a bonfire, enjoy some wine, fruits and vegetables and dance or sing songs around the fire.
  • Prepare an offering for Mother Earth of flowers, herbs, or other biodegradable items that you can leave somewhere in nature – WITHOUT disturbing the natural habitat.
  • Fertility rituals – if you’re in a relationship and trying to conceive, now is the time to get busy in the bedroom!
  • Go on a nature walk alone or with family, take in the amazing scenery, relish in the fresh spring air and say hello to woodland creatures you might stumble across.
  • Grab a bunch of friends and head out to a local park, roast some hotdogs or hamburgers on the open flames, enjoy a cold ale, sit outside until the night sky comes in and admire the moon and stars
Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

Solo Practice

Solo practitioners like me that live in the city, might not have access to a bon fire or nature trails. Or may not be able to walk or drive to these places for health reasons. If you’re like me and you live alone, it is perfectly fine to make do with what you have available to you. Make a healthy meal, light a candle if you are allowed to, recite a blessing, or go for a walk or sit outside on your balcony.

Honouring the Sabbats doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money or create an elaborate event – find the things that you enjoy doing and resources you have available in your environment. You can make new traditions with your family or friends, or just celebrate on your own.

Are you a witchy type of person? Or are you of Pagan origins? If so, do you celebrate the Sabbat holidays? If so, let me know what your plans are in the comments. Always looking to connect with fellow practitioners.

If you’d like to learn more about my spiritual journey, please head over to my spiritual practice page.

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