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The problem with people today is lack of reading comprehension

The problem with people today is that many people have lost the skill for reading comprehension. I can’t tell you how many ads I’ve written over the last few months to sell items on Facebook or Kijijij or the worst so far has been trying to find a suitable rental for my move in the spring.

Today, I was contacted by my HR department asking where my medical note was. I reminded her that if she read my last email, she would have seen that I have a follow up appointment tomorrow. I then asked where I could find information on my GI balances so I can keep on top of incoming pay checks and this was the response I got:

Question asked: “I am on the new system now and can’t find info on my GI balances, can you tell me where this information is kept now?”

Response: “Hi Wendy, you here is the information to get you set up for accessing your benefits online.”

Uh, what? Is that even remotely close to what I asked for? No.

Scenario 2: Rental Ad

Title: Long-term rental wanted, 1-2 bedrooms for end of March 2021

Description: blah blah bah, in unit laundry, no basement suites.

Areas interested in: westmount, west of downtown, Bonnie Doon, Parkdale, Cromdale, Patricia Heights, Forest Heights, Ritchie or Mill Creek

NO basement suites. No stairs as I have a bad knee. Looking for long term rentals only.

I specifically state why – because I need to be close to the city centre. The ad is a bit more detailed but you get the gist of it.

Message 1 from Amir:

Hi Wendy, I have a walkout basement suite just off the Anthony Henday for May 2021. Let me know if you’re interested.

Le, sigh. I messaged back and said I really wish people would read my ads. Then he accused me of being rude. I told him I get dozens of these messages and people should know better. Blocked him.

Message 2: Terwillegar

Hi there, I have a one bedroom condo in Terwillegar coming at the end of March. Not exactly what you’re looking for but let me know. We’re flexible.

I ignored that one and he sent me a second message.

Hi there, we match all your specifications. Please contact us.

Again… people. Terwillegar is NOT city centre. It’s like the fucking opposite end of the city. Almost 40 minutes away!

So, now I have to respond because he’s sent me two emails about this.

“This is not exactly what I’m looking for. Also the price is out of my range and this is not in central Edmonton.”

Message 3: from a friend on Facebook

My friends are renting this luxury sweet. It’s near us so you could come over for visits and see us.

Great! I think and click on the ad as the kitchen looked big and had stainless steel appliances. All positive things.

“This luxury basement suite is $1500 and is on the south side of Edmonton.”

Le sigh. $1500 for a BASEMENT SUITE????? Are you kidding me?

I responded politely and said thanks but that is way out of my budget range and I can’t do stairs.

Message 4: shared accommodation from Kijiji

“Hi – you sound like a landlord’s dream and I thought I would try and reach out even though our property isn’t even remotely close to what you’re looking for. It’s a basement in a charming ‘old’ house on the south side. We live upstairs with the kids so you’ll never be alone!”

And now I know why I’ve stayed in this building as long as I have. Moving is a pain in the ass. Placing ads for rentals or on Kijiji in general just is a waste of time. And how is it that I’m rude for telling people I’m not interested when they’re the ones who send me the spam in the first place?

Is it just me? Or do people not bother to read to messages or emails anymore? It’s like I’m constantly having to repeat myself over and over again. I revise my ads or messages so it’s as clear as day. But people just aren’t having it.

I don’t know what’s worse. When people just stop responding to you or ignore your request – or they just flat out waste your time by giving you the wrong information or not even addressing your initial question.

Okay, that’s it for me today. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and now I’m just even crankier than I was this morning. Seriously people.


I’ll update this post as more responses come in. This is why I don’t date online.