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Spring decor for welcoming positive energy into your home and banishing the negative

Something I’d like to work on this year as it comes up to the third year of living in this condo – my how time flies – is to brighten things up in my living room and bedroom and make it more “homey”.

In addition to that, I want to make my home welcoming to guests, and ward off negative energy that might be attached to visitors, or might come in unexpectedly through spiritual practices.

Because I’m medically retired and am home most of the time, it’s important that my condo feels cozy. Especially on those days I might need more of an energy lifter.

Energy and the home

My beliefs about spirits and energy are open ended. Meaning, I have had experiences I cannot explain. Mostly based on feelings and getting the sense that I am not alone. Dream experiences that come true later on. And visitations from deceased relatives.

Some of the energy that comes around is warm, comforting and familiar. Sometimes I think that might be a spirit guide or relative coming to say hello. Other times, the energy is heavy and unwanted. I don’t get scared very often, but sometimes residual energy can be really heavy and impact your overall mood and well being.

So, something I’m looking to do is just brightening up my living space. I’m hoping to hit garage sales this spring and might be time to hit the thrift stores too.

I thought I would share some ideas with you and items that I really would like to pick up – when finances allow for it. I’d also like to try and craft things like a lunar wreath.

Budget friendly ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Door and window charms

Some witches or wiccans like to hang bells and charms on their doors. I read once that welcome mats are a bad idea as they can welcome something into your home that you don’t want to invite in. Same with if you hear knocking at your door – but there’s no one there. Don’t open it please!


The Green Witch is one of my go-to resources now for new ideas and inspiration. Here is one of her videos on making your own door charm. You can learn more about color and flower correspondences to use for protection.

Decorative wall art and objects

I love this lunar wreath and have it saved to my favorites. I’m searching for similar items to hand in my bedroom. Mostly because it’s a gorgeous piece of art. The moon has always been a fascination and I’d love to bring in pieces that represent the magic and beauty of the moon.


Dried flower or herbal wreath

I’ve been searching high and low for wreaths for my living room. Non-Christmas wreaths are quite expensive and I’m very specific in what I’m looking for. I love chamomile, rose and lavender. But there are other wreaths you can hang for protection in your home too. You can buy them from any crafting store, or you can learn to make them yourself.

Some flowers that are good for protection include yarrow, witch hazel, St. John’s wort, wildflower, malva, verbascum and baptisia. Some of these are very hard to find depending on where you are in the world.

Printable Artwork

I’m getting back into making printable artwork and will be selling the prints on Etsy as time allows for it. You can easily make your own prints using programs like Canva which has a free (but limited) plan.

I’m starting to collect poems, chants or spells that I really like and am putting them onto decorative backgrounds. If you have a good printer, you can print from home – or send to a company like VistaPrint or London Drugs if you’re in Canada.

This design is something I created using Canva. I also am an artist who uses Corel Painter and have created many pieces that I’d love to see printed up on canvas and hang on my walls. Something I really need to get done soon!

Diffuser oils, incense and candles

If you rent your home, you may want to check with your management company or landlord before burning incense or using oils. Some people do have allergies to scented oils so keep that inmind.

I absolutely love candles and this is part of the Danish lifestyle “Get Hygge with it” in making your home cozy. I always keep a candle lit when working with Tarot, casting spells, or even having a bath.

Candles create an ambiance and just help with overall protection and relaxation. It’s great for anxiety and just so pretty!!

You can buy scented candles or regular candles it’s up to you. I know LED candles are a thing – but I do prefer using real candles.

Spring is coming!

Are you excited for spring like I am? Only six more weeks left of winter and I am counting the days. Looking for ideas and inspiration to brighten up my home.

I have a mini indoor garden that I am slowly working on. I have spring onions and celery growing in my window. I’ll plant them soon and share the results. It’s too early to plant outdoors – usually can’t do that until end of April. So, hoping to plant more herbs and buy flowers soon!

What ideas did you love in this post? Let me know in the comments!

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