Writing has been something that I’ve always wanted to do. I worked in office administration for nearly twenty years and at my last job, I was able to take some communication courses to help further my career.

The plan was to either go into program services or communications. Unfortunately, my health took a turn and I was diagnosed with a severe and prolonged disability. I’m unable to work and may not be able to work a regular job again.

This blog, has been my savior and I’m grateful for my readers. I wanted to give back to the WordPress community by sharing some things I’ve learned about writing.

And it was my readers here, who suggested I get back into creative writing. I’m working on a few short stories and E-books that I hope to post on this very website soon.

Note: this blog is my passion project. It is a hobby. I usually work on it late at night when insomnia strikes and there is nothing else to do. When you are up for three or four days straight – there are a lot of hours in a day to fill.

Writing keeps me sane.

More articles coming soon… stay tuned.

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Writing Tips

Coming soon:

  • Writing prompt challenges
  • Writing resources
  • Best tools for writers
  • Free writing courses
  • and more!

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