Isolation update again: schools are now closed.

I’m getting nervous about this all. I know I shouldn’t be.

Twitter – avoid it if at all possible. People are horrible. These are things I’ve seen people say:

“The government caused this.”

“Corona Virus is a hoax.”

“Let the old people die. Who cares anyway.”

“You weaklings, you deserve to die anyway.”

Yeah, that’s right.

The internet. It’s a great tool to access a wealth of information but it brings out the worst in humanity.

I got a text from my sister earlier.

Schools are now closed.

I decided to hop onto Superstore to stock up on some food. Two days. I can’t get my order filled until Tuesday. That’s horrible. I’m okay for food, but what if I wasn’t? And what will the shelves look like by then?

I’m housbound as it is since I don’t drive.

My dad’s on lockdown. I can’t see him. He can’t really talk on the phone.

I went through the bottles of water in my kitchen and refilled some old ones I had kicking around. I have about 20 litres now in total. You could say I’m a hoarder, but it was my ex boyfriend who was former military that taught me to be…

“Be prepared for anything. Anything. Shit’s going to fly one day. Society is spiraling down. One day, everything will go down. You need to be prepared.”

I’ve been slowly stocking up my pantry over the last year. Every few months I stock up on canned goods and things like rice, beans, noodles. Things that are cheap and last forever.

His voice always in the back of my mind.

Be prepared.

I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere. But as resources get low, and services are cut off – if people can’t go to work and pay for rent —

It’s going to get ugly. Very ugly. Very quickly.

How were we not prepared for this? How did our governments fail us? How are they still failing us? Do they not have emergency back up plans in place? Have they not watched every horror movie ever like I have?

Watching the news is like watching the opening to EVERY horror movie I’ve ever seen. Global news live looked the opening scene from I Am Legend.

So, I’m sitting here wide awake at 4:27 in the morning on a Monday morning, when I should be sleeping and healing from whatever this cold bug is.

This feeling has been there for a while. That something bad was coming. I’m still not panicking. I’m not panic buying.

But damn. I just don’t really, really don’t like this.

And to the people who are contributing to the fear mongering and conspiracy theories – drink a little more koolaid. “Q” was never real. The government didn’t create this virus to depopulate the earth. There is no third world order.

Get your heads out of your arses and listen to what the health authorities are telling us.

Stay in your homes. Stop being retarded.

There. I used the R word. Because I think in these cases, it’s appropriate.

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