On the eve of Christmas Eve

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve and I just got in from my annual liquor store run. I also picked up my groceries with the help of my faithful friend Wally. I’ve stocked up on goodies for the weekend. But most importantly – rum.

I’m not much of a drinker thanks to the migraines that come with a glass or two of wine. I’ve discovered that the only alcohol that doesn’t make me want to punch my brain out with a poker is dark rum and rose wine. And so, I stocked up on those.

This was also the first time I’ve left my home in almost two months except to check mail and take out the garbage. I almost forgot how to walk. The sun was in the right spot and blinded me. And the liquor store guy didn’t even ask for my ID – even with a mask on. It must be the grey hairs that give me away.

The government announced yesterday (albeit too late), that single people like me can go out ONCE this holiday season and join a family for dinner. Yeah, thanks UCP. It’s a little too late for that. Two days before Christmas? My family already have their plans made for the weekend. And you want me to choose between three families?

Nope. I’m not getting suckered into that. Just choosing to visit one family is enough to create drama that I don’t need. Just nope.

And so, I’m resigned to stay put where I am. I’m already in my comfy plus pants. Tonight I’ll watch a bunch of Christmas concerts on youtube. Tomorrow it’s time for dumb Christmas movies that make me cry. And I might crack open that bottle of eggnog tonight.

I might cook later – I’m thinking it’s a chicken pot pie kind of night. But we’ll see how it goes with the wine and eggnog!

How are you spending Christmas Eve? For singles like me, what are you doing to cheer yourself up this year?


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