April 2023 Intentions: Creating Space & Beltane Celebrations

The year is moving fast, and April is just a few days away as I’m writing this. Soon, the winter cold will be gone and spring will really be here! We had a few nice days and then hit another cold snap. But things are looking up – and April is often the beginning of our rainy season.

One thing I’m really looking forward to is end of April, early May weather – the snow is pretty much gone by then, and you rarely need a jacket. I’m looking forward to getting outside and being able to walk the trails again.

March recap and highlights

Instead of recapping my list of goals for March, I think I’ll just leave the link here for you to check out for yourself. But one of the major highlights was a change I made to my daily diet about three weeks ago.

Due to higher rent payments and the cost of food, I’m trying to make cuts where it seems logical to do so and food is one of those budgets I’m trying to stretch out. Instead of buying expensive cuts of meats, I’ve learned to add beans to my daily diet – about 1/2 to 1 cup per every meal. Though last night, I decided to give my digestive track a break from beans and it was a bit needed.

I’ve noticed a difference in how my skin feels, clothes are feeling looser, I feel less bloated and swelling seems to have gone down too! I didn’t get out for walks as we hit some really cold weather, but I did make use of my balcony on those warmer days. I’m also craving sweets less, and find I’m losing fat around my midsection and face. It’s such a difference, even though the scales have not budged. Yet. It will. It needs to!

Spring cleaning has begun, and I fixed my vacuum yesterday! It needed a deep clean and I managed to get it working again, saving me more money.

I did not get out and socialize like I wanted to – I had a bad flare early in the month and a snowstorm on the weekend killed plans to attend a witchy market. But there will be more and I hope to hit flea markets soon and perhaps, a farmers market.

Now… we let go of March and move onto April!

April Intentions: Creating Space

April usually means that spring is here if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere. This means warmer weather, and soon, people in Canada will be able to plant seeds in their gardens and watch them grow over the summer!

This month’s spiritual focus should be on:

  • Creating and producing (plants, seeds, food, arts, crafts, energy, etc)
  • Connecting with nature and spending time in your gardens
  • Balance – overall balance of physical and emotional self (anger)
  • Building on self confidence and assertiveness
  • Welcoming new opportunities into your life and accepting them

Start your day off with intention setting

Sit with your morning coffee or tea, meditate while you stir (counterclockwise), Soak in the delicious aromas and think about what you want to get accomplished for the day. Run through a list of plans in your head, or jot them down in a notepad (or digital notebook) – whatever medium you use.

Stop. Deep breaths. Repeat regularly. Your anxiety will thank you.

My Personal Intentions for April 2023

  • Deep clean my condo (windows, floors, walls), organize my balcony and outdoor living space;
  • Decorate the balcony with fairy lights, plant herbs, daisies, and search flea markets and garage sales for cute gnomes or fairy statues;
  • Get out! Be with friends! Start seeing friends again for coffees, lunches and host monthly craft nights here. Attend at least one spring market. This will help with confidence and strengthening connections!
  • Go outside daily: Whether it’s sitting on the balcony, going for walks, or getting together with friends to explore nearby trails and connect with nature. Enjoy at least one outdoor picnic when weather is warm;
  • Meditations and grounding: Meditate daily, practice selfcare (baths, hygiene, exercise, eating healthy), continue with monthly therapy appointments, journal often, focus on healthy relationships and talk with partners when issues come up in a respectful and non-toxic manner;
  • Work on creative projects: Digital art, writing books and stories, crafting and using up beading supplies in my spare room and organize crafting supplies!
Mindfulness Planning Board – created with Canva

Mindfulness Journaling

Do you practice daily mindfulness? If so, how do you incorporate it into your daily life? Do you find that it helps lessen your anxiety? Let me know in the comments what you loved about this post and what you might carry on with you this month.

Word of advice: if you do a 30 day challenge, keep a diary or journal of what you did every day and how it made you feel – you can refer back it to every month 🙂

If you are looking for an online journal, I have a few on my Etsy store – check out the link here.

Site wide sale for 50%!

Thank you for reading!

Beltane & Gaelic May Day

Celebrated on April 30 – May 01, Beltane is known as Gaelic May Day and celebrated in the northern hemisphere to mark the midpoint between spring and summer.

It is known as a Pagan holiday and is one of the eight Sabbats according to the wheel of the year (honored by Pagans, Witches and Wiccans). Festivals can include bonfires, maypoles, dancing, singing, and ahem, performing fertility rituals – whatever that looks like in your part of the world. Beltane, the fires of Bel, honors the Celtic Sun God, Belenus.

I’m including this for April as some stretch Sabbat celebrations for an entire week, and I’d like to do more of this for myself!

For more information, please subscribe to this blog – a full post will be scheduled for the end of the month about Beltane traditions and origins!

What’s happening this month spiritually?

  • April 06 – The Growing Moon or Pink Moon
  • April 06-09 – Christian Easter / Good Friday
  • April 30-May01 – Beltane (Gaelic May Day)

April Correspondences

  • Astrological signs: Aries and Taurus
  • Colors: Red and Gold
  • Elements: Fire (red) and Earth (green)
  • Herbs and Flowers: Basil, Chives, Dragons Blood, Geranium, Thistle, Daisies, Sweetpea, Lilac, Willow, Hazel, Dandelion, Dogwood
  • Incense: Pine, Bay, Bergamot, Patchouli
  • Spirit Animals: Bear, Wolf, Hawk and Magpie
  • Spirits: Plant and Land Spirits, Fairies or Little Folk
  • Stones: Ruby, Garnet, Sand, Quartz, Selenite, Angelite, Diamond
  • The Growing Moon or Pink Moon

Related Information

For more information about my spiritual practices, please visit my Spirituality page. It is a work in progress, like this blog.

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